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Deliverable 1.3 Report on good and adverse practices - Animal welfare concerns in relation to slaughter practices from the viewpoint of veterinary sciences Report K. von Holleben1, M. von Wenzlawowicz1, N. Gregory2, H. Anil3, A.Velarde4, P. Rodriguez4 B. Cenci Goga5, B. Catanese5, B. Lambooij6 1 bsi Schwarzenbek, Germany Royal Veterinary College, UK 3 Cardiff University, UK 4 IRTA, Spain 5 University of Perugia, Italy 6 ASG Veehourderij, The Netherlands 2 02/2010 Authors address: bsi Schwarzenbek Postbox 1469 21487 Schwarzenbek Germany This report is part of WP1 Religion, Legislation and Animal welfare: Conflicting standards coordinated by Karen von Holleben and Jรถrg Luy


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