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Leadership Enrichment and Development The Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center presents: Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD) is a non-credit progressive certificate program designed to engage studentleaders through workshops, civic engagement, peer-support, diversity appreciation, and an application of skills and knowledge. This free program personalizes the leadership development of each student and allows them to connect to Fort Lewis College community members and students that can aid in their success. For more information: Benefits of the LEAD Program  Personalize your own development  Set your own pace on completion  Excellent résumé builder  Focuses on your individual strengths  Network with experienced professionals  Certificate and recognition upon completion of each level  FREE program! Patrick Fredricks Leadership Programs Coordinator Student Union 171 Phone: 970-247-7517 E-mail: Leadership Enrichment And Development A leadership development program available to all FLC students.

Leadership Enrichment and Development Brochure

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