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Health • Pregnancy • Conception • Body / Mind / Spirit to fertility in your food, “The Infertility Cleanse is another excellent resource from Tami Quinn and environment, and lifestyle Beth Heller (of Pulling Down the Moon) where Is your physical health and the environment you live in affecting your chances of conceiving? New clinical research suggests that gut health, chronic inflammation, poor diet, and environmental toxins may be at the root of infertility. This guidebook offers women a holistic approach to cleansing the body and mind in preparation for conception. changes are simple and yet meaningful, complimented with yoga and meditation instruction. Pulling Down the Moon offers this approach to balance all that goes into successful fertility treatment and pregnancy. Don’t wait— get yours now!” —Dr. Angeline Beltsos, Medical Director of IVF, Fertility Centers of Illinois Tami Quinn and Beth Heller are the co-founders and codirectors of Pulling Down the Moon, Inc., Integrative Care for Fertility (ICF ™) that has changed the standard of care for infertility. Both are registered yoga instructors and members of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine. They are also co-authors of Fully Fertile, and live in Chicago. Tami Quinn & Beth Heller Step-by-step guidelines take you through a three-part program of nutrition, yoga, and stress-reduction techniques. The detoxification program targets both the internal and external sources of toxicity that may be having a negative impact on your fertility. With cleansing techniques from many healing disciplines, this program has been carefully created by a team of leading integrative fertility specialists. empowerment using dietary Infertility Cleanse How to overcome the toxic challenges $18.95 • £12.99 ࡌउᡁᠫ‫૲چ‬ႎϸ 4_Cle_Cover_UK_CS4.indd 1 7/28/11 8:42 AM

Infertility Cleanse

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