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HEALTHY RIDE P-NOY at 51 alone on valentine’s? San Diego County unveils new anti-obesity program HEALTHYLIVING | Page 8 Death of Angleo Reyes dampens Aquino birthday celebrations piNEWS | Page 2 Francine has you covered PAMPERED PINAY | Page 16 San Diego’s No. 1 Source of News & Information for the Filipino Community • An Award-Winning Newspaper Since 1986 February 12-18, 2011 FILAM NATION Butch Meily elected head of PhilippineAmerican Chamber “This is a place where they feel safe and are able to break their silence.” DIGNA TALOSIG Hope ADHC Mira Mesa The Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest bilateral business organizations in the United States, announced recently that it has elected Rene “Butch” Meily as its new president. It also Rene “Butch” announced Meily plans for a series of high-level video conferences between New York and Manila to promote trade and investment. By Alicia DeLeon-Torres • Filipino Press G ov. Jerry Brown’s initial 266-page budget proposal recommends the realignment, reduction or elimination of a multitude of state-funded or supplemented programs in an attempt to solve the $25.4 billion deficit. Among the programs on the chopping block is Adult Day Health Care Services (ADHC), which the governor estimates would save the state $177 million in general fund money. ADHC advocates argue that this move would actually cause the state to lose $51 million in 2011-12 by shifting costs to more expensive care settings, increasing unemployment due to the 7,000 jobs that would be eliminated and result in a decline in California business and income tax revenues. In addition, the state would forfeit $164 million annually in federal matching funds. Service providers, families and clients point out that the loss of funding would result in a higher human cost, including an increase in social isolation and physical and mental “The chamber has a long history that goes all the way back to the 1920s. Our goal is to strengthen the business ties between the Philippines and the U.S. to benefit both Filipinos and Americans,” said Meily in a statement in New York City. — Philippine Daily Inquirer Cantil-Sakauye faces first month of surprises The Filipina said her transition Tani Cantilinto the job Sakauye has been invigorating despite little setbacks, like the unwillingness of judges critical of the centralization of courts to give her a chance to address their concerns. “Judge to judge I said, give me a chance. But instead in the first month, I’ve been a recipient of negative, critical letters,” Sakauye said. Another obstacle is the state’s proposed $200 million in budget cuts. In 2009, courthouses were closed for one working day each month to save money. Sakauye met with Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday to iron out those concerns. Sakauye signaled that the high court may decide “as soon as next week” whether to rule on a Proposition 8 question posed by an appeals court. While she describes herself as a moderate Republican, she declined to reveal her views about gay marriage or other controversial issues. — ABS-CBN News Centers a lifeline for elderly Adult Day Health Care Services on budget chopping block, but staffers say cuts — and human toll — could prove much costlier for state if funding goes Meily is a former first vice president and special assistant to the chairman of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. He also served as president of the PLDT Smart Foundation and executive director of the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation, a group established by the private sector in response to the disastrous floods of 2009. SAN FRANCISCO – It’s been a month of pleasant and unpleasant surprises for California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani CantilSakauye. • (619) 477-0940 Adult Day Health Care Services Center Mira Mesa A staffer at the Hope Adult Day Health Care Services Center in Mira Mesa works with a client in physical therapy. The state’s ADHCs are among the agencies on the chopping block of Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget cuts. health deterioration — and in some cases, death. Indeed, ADHCs have become a critical lifeline to many. Digna Talosig, a social worker at the Mira Mesabased Hope ADHC, is painfully aware that the cost of eliminating the program would result in dire consequences for the clients she serves. She and other staff agree that most of the seniors are treated well by family members, but there are “cycles” where abuse cases spike and the center is the first place that the abuses are caught by staff or shared by clients or concerned family members. “This is a place where they feel safe and are able to break their silence,” said Talosig. “A majority of elder abuse cases are perpetrated by family members or caregivers. We’ve seen clients that have been emotionally, verbally, sexually and finanSee ADULT CARE on Page 14 Nabueños gear up for tercentenary celebration 300th anniversary activities begin Feb. 19 in advance of May celebrations By Yaga Cerillo Special to the Filipino Press SAN DIEGO — With less than four months to go, the Nabueños of Southern California, Inc., is moving mountains and feverishly planning the Grand Pintakasi in honor of their patron saint, Our Lady of Katipanan (Covenant) and the Holy Cross. The organization is poised to launch the tercentenary (300) year celebrations with a Eucharistic Celebration at 1 p.m. on Feb. 19 at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station Airman Memorial Chapel. The kick-off is a prelude to a much bigger celebration on May 7 which will combine an annual fiesta celebration with the tercentenary of the devotion to Our Lady of Katipanan. According to historical accounts, the town of Nabua, Camarines Sur, was hit with strong earthquakes in 1711, literary tearing lands and structures apart. With a fissure running from the door of the town’s church to the foot of Mount Sumagang, the people of Nabua deemed the situation so dire that town folks prepared for the worst and cataclysmic end of time as they knew it then. With an alert parish priest, devotees of the then-Nuestra Señora de la Limpia Concepcion were encouraged and convinced to pray harder for intercession by the Blessed Mother. The image of the Nuestra Señora was placed facing the Blessed Sacrament while the parishioners were praying for their lives. Their prayers were miraculously answered and the town was spared from total destruction. As a result, the priest and the devotees created a covenant with the patroness and declared three things as part of their TIPAN (Covenant): (1) They shall relay to their children the events that took the place in 1711 when they made this covenant before the presence of the Virgin Mary; (2) Every July 28 they shall celebrate the fes- tivity of Inang Katipanan with a thanksgiving Mass; and (3) They shall offer alms and gifts willingly and without reservation, just as their forefathers did long ago. Subsequently, the patroness was renamed Our Lady of Katipanan as a result of the TIPAN. For 300 years, Nabueños kept their faith and continued their devotion while faithfully passing on their knowledge of the 1711 occurrence to their offspring. Their active support of their church is evident as the Holy Cross parish has been elevated to a Vicariate having four other parishes throughout the municipality: Our Lady of Guadalupe in Malawag; St.Dominic of Guzman Parish in Santo Domingo; Our Lady of Lourdes in Tandaay; and the newly minted parish in Paloyon proper, Our Lady of Katipanan parish. In Nabua, May 3 Pintakasi is celebrated in honor of the Holy Cross, May 4 is the fiesta of Our Lady of Katipanan and May 5 is the feast of Inang Angustia. The devotion in San Diego officially began with the establishment of the Nabueños of Southern California in 1986. Founded by the late Robert “Bob” Presnillo, NSC began celebrating the annual Pintakasi during the first weekend of May in honor of the Holy Cross and their beloved patroness, our Lady of Katipanan. To some, the holding of the fiesta of Inang Katipanan on May 4 and not on July 28 is somewhat baffling. Msgr. Raul Pan, parish priest of the Holy Cross Parish clarified in an e-mail that in addition to the traditional Pintakasi and fiesta of Inang Katipanan on May 3 and 4, respectively, “July 28 (now Sunday closest to July 28) celebration is still observed and called See nabueNos on Page 14

Filipino Press | Feb. 12-18, 2011

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