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send page:Layout 1 1/5/2011 7:42 AM Page 1 USA 18 Bollywood  Vol-19  Issue-12 Inside Actors are like beggars : Rani Ahmadis survive trials and tribulations  January-2011  510-677-4488 P- 28 Revive Fiji Awards... Obama signs 9/11 health care bill Imam Shamshad A. Nasair Imam Baitul Hameed Mosque, Chino, explains the trials and tribulations of Ahmadis to more than 1000 member audience at the AMC West ( See page 8 ) Convention. (left) Dr. HamidurRahmanNaib Amir USA, delivering his opening adderess. P- 12 A trip to West Coast... P-1 3 WEST COAST... Cold wave in Kashmir, Leh records -23.6° Srinagar. The Kashmir Valley and Ladakh region were reeling under severe cold wave on Sunday with Leh recording a minimum temperature of minus 23.6 degrees Celsius while Srinagar shivered at minus 2.4 degrees. In Leh town, the minimum temperature was minus 23.6 degrees Celsius while it was minus 12.1 in Pahalgam hill station and minus 12.1 degrees in the ski resort of Gulmarg, said M S Wani of the meteorological department. In south Kashmir's Qazigund, the minimum temperature was minus 7.4 degrees Celsius. "Those driving on the SrinagarJammu route are advised to drive cautiously as highly slippery road conditions exist on the highway this time. Washington. Ignoring India's concerns and veiled warning that it would drag the US to the World Trade Organisation, President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill that would provide free health care to the first responders of the twin-tower terrorist attack in New York in September 2001. Obama took some time off from his vacation in Hawaii to sign the bill that provides for a fund of $ 4.2 billion for the free health care to 9/11 responders, a portion of which is being raised by extending an increase in some categories of H-1B visa fee that would mainly affect Indian IT companies. India has objected to such an increase. It also imposes a two per cent levy on goods and services the US imports from certain developing countries, including India. An extension in increase in H-1B visa fee is estimated to cost Indian companies $ 200 million. Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma had termed it as a retrograde step for greater trade engagement with the US. "I was honoured to sign the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to ensure that rescue and recovery workers, residents, students, and others suffering from health consequences related to the World Trade Center disaster have access to the medical monitoring and treatment they need," Obama said in his signing statement. Pakistan's anti-terrorism law needs to be improved: Gilani Islamabad. Pakistan's anti-terrorism law needs to be improved because thousands of terrorists apprehended by law enforcement agencies were bailed out in courts and again indulged in terrorist activities, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said. Gilani made the remarks while speaking in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament on reports by the foreign media on Pakistan's security agencies. He made it clear that terrorists nabbed by security agencies were bailed out because there had been no improvements in the Anti-Terrorism Act. Husain expands his Quiznos biz P- 28 Shawn plans to... P- 31 SamajSewa “New Year... LIVERMORE- Smart people do not take it lying down no matter how difficult the circumstance. They always get up and get back on track to win the race. Soft spoken and polite, SadiqHussain is one such person who does not believe getting it all on the silver platter. He believes in his own self efforts and determination coupled with a strong conviction in his religious beliefs to battle it all the way to ensure success and in the process leave lessons to be learnt. After a job-related injury and the economic melt- down in 2008 Sadiq’s long career at LUMIS came to end but not his abilities to turn the table around. He took an intensive training in restaurant manage- ment and launched his first Quiznos at the Hacienda Crossings Plaza in Pleasanton backed by his wife and children as his support staff. Within two years Sadiqopened his second store two exits away in Livermore on 580 close to Home Depot providing job opportunities for several school kids in the area. “Faith in God is extremely important in life for me,” Sadiq explained to me as I munched on a complimentary Tuna Sandwich at his new Quiznos that looked spotless as customers jammed his restaurant. He performed a formal Hajj two years ago. Last year Hajji SaqigHussain performed an Umrah at Mecca as well as thanks giving to God, SadiqHussain is a member of the American Institute of Management.


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