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Winter 2014 Exceeding Expectations with FCCLA Take your chapter to the next level with expert advice from NJ state adviser A lot is expected of educators these days. With standards being raised and budgets being trimmed, it’s enough for many educators just to do what they can to meet expectations, let alone exceed them. But considering the definition of “exceed” on the Free Online Dictionary, one discovers that the opportunities FCCLA offers encompass the very definition of exceed: 1. To extend beyond or outside of 2. To be greater than; surpass 3. To go beyond the limits of. The Adviser interviewed veteran FCCLA adviser Patricia DiGioiaLaird, who serves as the New Jersey FCCLA state adviser, to explore the ways FCCLA helps advisers and their students exceed expectations in these three areas. To Extend Beyond FCCLA offers many opportunities to extend learning beyond the walls of your school. Chapter activities extend learning beyond the classroom through hands-on, projectbased activities that students plan, develop, implement, and evaluate. One such opportunity is FCCLA STAR Events. “The competitive events help students exceed expectations. Here they learn about the value of goal setting and a positive work ethic. Working hard and pushing beyond the concept of ‘good enough’ brings students ‘beyond expectations,’” says DiGioia-Laird. “The taste of success early in life drives students to go beyond expectations in everything they do. When students participate in STAR events each year they raise the bar for themselves, wanting to get more information, illustrate more clearly, and speak more dynamically. The opportunity to present a competitive event at a state or national meeting gives students a reason to exceed expectations. When the student understands what it feels like and looks like, exceeding expectations becomes a part of their life.“ Participation in state and national activities is another way FCCLA extends learning beyond school walls. Each state association serves as a resource for local chapters by providing leadership, assistance, and programming. National FCCLA offers national publications, National Cluster Meetings, and the National Leadership Conference, through which members can gather and share information with their peers in other states. Students have opportunities to develop their leadership beyond the school level by serving as state or national officers and by attending leadership training events such as Capitol Leadership in the fall. Survey Says... At the 2013 National Leadership Conference, 2,944 STAR Events participants were surveyed about their involvement in FCCLA. Their answers illustrate the many ways FCCLA helps students exceed expectations. Participation in STAR Events helped me to better develop my skills in... 83% 76% Planning Time Management Public Speaking 70% Working with Peers 83% Presenting to Others 78% 79% Self Confidence Responsibility 82% 70% Leadership Creativity How useful do you believe your STAR Events experience will be in your future? 0.4% 9% 21% 70% Extremely Useful Very Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful Continued on pg. 4 1

The Adviser - Winter 2014

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