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Farmers Guardian WWW.FARMERSGUARDIAN.COM BREEDING & CALVES Calf rearing, animal health and bull selection p35-44 AGRICULTURE’S NATIONAL NEWSPAPER FRIDAY OCTOBER 5 2012 £2.20 TRACKED TRACTORS WORLD’S BIGGEST ON TEST p21-28 108 PAGES OF NEWS AND CLASSIFIEDS NEWS 4 NVZ slurry exemption BUSINESS 12 Creation of Arla Milk Link ARABLE 20 Weather deters aphid migration The John Deere 9560RT is pitted against Case-IH’s Quadtrac 550 and Agco’s Challenger MT865C in our tracked tractor group test. See pages 21-28. PICTURE: Marcello Garbagnoli RSPCA’s hard line stance blasted by farming leaders rChief executive calls for milk snub rAnger over Ramsgate debacle By Alistair Driver RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant makes ‘no apologies’ for the hard line stance taken by the charity on key farming issues such as the badger cull and live exports.  Mr Grant told Farmers Guardian he saw the RSPCA’s role as giving a ‘voice to the voiceless’. And he insisted he would be campaigning to ‘stop consumers drinking milk’ if supermarkets were unable to differentiate between ‘badger friendly milk’ and milk from the cull areas.  He was responding to claims from farm industry leaders the RSPCA had overstepped its mark as a charitable organisation and was potentially causing damage to farmers in its lobbying activity under his leadership. NFU deputy president Meurig Raymond said this week: “I think it’s quite despicable the way the RSPCA has tried to intimidate farmers and landowners in the Gloucestershire area. They are threatening farmers’ livelihoods by telling consumers to ban their product. “They have gone way outside their remit as a member of the Charity Commission. What is their remit? They are not meant to be a lobbying organisation. “They are there for the welfare of livestock but they don’t seem to be concerned about the 34,000 cattle that have been killed in the last 12 months.” Spotlight The RSPCA is also under the spotlight over its role in an incident at Ramsgate port, Kent, where RSPCA officers shot more than 40 sheep brought to the port on a lorry because they were deemed unfit to travel. Mr Raymond said the NFU had written to Defra Secretary Owen Paterson demanding answers to ‘a whole lot of questions’ about the incident, many focusing on the RSPCA’s role. National Sheep Association (NSA) chief executive Phil Stocker said, while it was waiting on a report from AHVLA on the incident, NSA had ‘real concerns about RSPCA’s alleged involvement’. He said the animal welfare charity appeared to be ‘unaware of the unintended consequences’ of some of its actions and urged it to ‘deal with the facts’ when campaigning on issues such as live exports. In a robust response, Mr Grant said it was ‘factually wrong’ to say the RSPCA had overstepped its remit. “It is very clear. As with all charities we have a responsibility to advocate in accordance with our charitable purposes. And that is precisely what we are doing.” He added the RSPCA had been campaigning on live exports for 50 years and would ‘take great pleasure’ in publicly refuting any claims levelled at the RSPCA over its handling of the Ramsgate incident. “I make no apologies for it,” he said. Reiterating his calls for the public to boycott milk from cull areas, he said farmers were making personal choices to engage in the badger cull and should ‘stand by the consequences of that decision’. WELSH DAIRY SHOW EVENT PREVIEW p45-48 PPA EDITORIAL CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR WINNER 2008 AND 2011 LIVESTOCK 29 Preparing for winter housing SHOWS 34 Masham Sheep Fair report SALES 56 18,000gns Lleyn at Carlisle IN YOUR FIELD 64 JOHN WALTON, CHESHIRE “The cows are now inside, which gives us the chance to spoil them a bit and hopefully get them to respond to a little TLC”

Farmers Guardian Digital Edition October 5th 2012

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