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GROWING NOTES Spring/Summer 2013 STRONG ROOTS, BRIGHT FUTURE SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY IFAMA 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS IFAMA Conference 1 Director’s Corner 2 Blossom Dinner 2013 2 Gordon Biersch Field Trip 3 BTGAP 3 Hunger Week 4-5 Chico Field Trip 6-7 Olive Oil Event 8 Gourmet Markets 8 Slow Food Movement 9 New Student Staff 9 Second Harvest Internship 10 Cost of a Healthy Meal Update 11 Upcoming Events 12 Graduates and MBAs 13 Food Security in Latin America 13 Alumni Spotlight 14 Student Spotlight 15 Save the Date! FAI is turning 40! Come join us in celebrating 40 years of growth and achievement! Twelve intense hours, twenty-two teams and two levels of competition. Near the suspenseful conclusion of the 2013 International Food and Agribusiness Management Association’s annual Case Study Competition in Atlanta, Georgia, the field was down to four teams: Santa Clara University, Nanjing University, the University of Hawaii and Wageningen University. Twenty-two teams from around the world were given four hours to create a solution and a presentation for a case study about Corporate Social Responsibility for Swedish tiger shrimp retailers, Axfood. Just four teams were selected for the final round. The final four were allotted eight hours to create an even better presentation and solution to a case study about expansion options for Italian company Mutti Spa, purveyors of gourmet tomato products. Nanjing University took fourth place and Wageningen was announced as third. Great excitement preceded the announcement of the second place winners, University of Hawaii; we had won the competition! Our team was comprised of five MBA students: Michael Billikopf, Alvin Chen, Ngoc Ngo, Tina Cosentino and Zach Wise. Each student brought specific strengths to the table, and the team worked together to create a thorough solution and a strong presentation. In preparing for the event, the team met every other weekend for two quarters. They held marathon-length practices to learn each case study and practice with food and agribusiness industry-specific cases. We look forward to another great competition next year at the IFAMA 2014 conference in Cape Town, South Africa! Saturday, November 16th, 2013 Featured articles: 6:00 pm Reception 7:00 pm Dinner Locatelli Center Santa Clara University Hunger Week: On pages 4 & 5 read about the four-day stretch of events this past May that aimed to address and understand hunger. Chico Field Trip: Check out the feature on pages 6 & 7 which recaps FAI’s recent student and staff trip to Chico! 1

Growing Notes Spring/Summer 2013

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