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Riding Metro is good for the environment. Don’t stop there. | @wapoexpress DECEMBER 31, 2013 Tuesday A PU BL ICAT ION OF TWP Please recycle this paper. N EWS, E N T E RTA I N M E N T, A RTS, L I F E ST Y L E S PRAISE ‘YEEZUS’ Year’s best albums are nuanced but with no ‘Blurred Lines’ 19 AIRSPACE RACE Six states, including Virginia, open their skies to drone tests 3 GETTY IMAGES RUSTY GETS RANDY 2013’s local news stars have big plans for the year ahead 7 am 45 | 29 pm F O R E X T E N D E D F O R E C A S T, S E E PA G E 2 1 THINKSTOCK AND GETTY IMAGES/EXPRESS ILLUSTRATION sor need s e c c u s anahan’s a of ineptitude? h S l l i w What kins’ er s power. 12 s d e R e h to end t with a little les rt Let’s sta FREE DAILY


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