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doors opening. welcome home. The Metro Rider ’s Guide. Every second and fourth Wednesday off the month. | @wapoexpress DECEMBER 18, 2013 Wednesday A PU BL ICAT ION OF TWP 0185 1X1.75 N EWS, E N T E RTA I N M E N T, A RTS, L I F E ST Y L E S Signs of Life Independent bookstores are still kicking despite dire warnings of the demise of print 12 Plus: The best fiction and nonfiction books of 2013 27 SUPPORTING CAST Bench helps Beal shine as he returns to the Wizards’ lineup 13 ASYLUM REQUEST PARAMOUNT PICTURES Snowden offers to help Brazil investigate claims of U.S. spying 6 Will Ferrell had no clue fans would want a second ‘Anchorman’ 25 am 40 | 28 pm F O R E X T E N D E D F O R E C A S T, S E E PA G E 2 9 THINKSTOCK/EXPRESS ILLUSTRATION BURGUNDY IS BACK FREE DAILY


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