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Express marks the spot. nominate your favorites today | @wapoexpress JULY 30, 2014 Wednesday A PU BL ICAT ION OF To advertise: 202-334-6732 or N EWS, E N T E RTA I N M E N T, A RTS, L I F E ST Y L E S LINE OF DEFENSE McDonnell trial opens with bombshell: His wife had a crush 8 APP LAG JASON MERRITT(GETTY IMAGES) Why Silver Line stops haven’t made it to some phones yet 7 Tom Petty returns with a stunning new disc, ‘Hypnotic Eye’ 18 am 83 | 67 pm F O R E X T E N D E D F O R E C A S T, S E E PA G E 2 1 CELLOU BINANI (AFP/GETTY IMAGES) MESMERIZING SCARIER THAN YOU THINK West Africa is in the midst of the worst Ebola outbreak in history. It could get much worse. 9 FREE DAILY


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