Issuu on Google+ | @wapoexpress JULY 23, 2014 N EWS, E N T E RTA I N M E N T, A RTS, L I F E ST Y L E S VADIM GHIRDA (AP) Wednesday A PU BL ICAT ION OF HUNT FOR EVIDENCE Facing Our Own Mortality Flight 17 wreckage may reveal what black boxes likely won’t 6 STINGS QUESTIONED D.C. police set up fake armed robberies to catch criminals 12 Want to know how long you’ll live? The answer may be written all over your face 13 FINDING A WAY HOME am 94 | 74 pm F O R E X T E N D E D F O R E C A S T, S E E PA G E 2 5 FACE AGING GROUP The Nats have been one of baseball’s best at running the bases 15 FREE DAILY


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