Issuu on Google+ | @wapoexpress JULY 17, 2014 Thursday A PU BL ICAT ION OF Nationals’ Rendon admits that baseball is too boring to watch 19 IT’S CONFUSING IFC FILMS How Silver Line testing will shake up commutes next week 10 85 | 66 pm F O R E X T E N D E D F O R E C A S T, S E E PA G E 2 9 THINKSTOCK/EXPRESS ILLUSTRATION A FILM IN 12 YEARS am FREE DAILY POLICING THE BATTLE OVER D.C.’S STREETS SNOOZEFEST Richard Linklater knew his ‘Boyhood’ idea would age well 27 N EWS, E N T E RTA I N M E N T, A RTS, L I F E ST Y L E S The one thing that cyclists, drivers and pedestrians can actually agree on? Police are not doing enough to enforce the rules of the road 16


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