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PLAY BALL: NATIONALS SEASON PREVIEW TODAY’S PAPER INSIDE F R I DAY, M A RC H 2 8 , 2 0 14 | A P U B L IC AT ION OF TWP ADVERTISEMENT Can we trust Muriel Bowser to be Mayor? Muriel Bowser. NOT READY. When asked about her career experience, Muriel Bowser said she managed “3 or 4” people. Now she wants to manage the District’s 33,000 employees and $10 billion city budget? “Muriel has not demonstrated good judgment in hiring her staff. She has one of the worst staffs on the council.” DOROTHY BRIZILL, DCWATCH.COM, MARCH 12, 2014 Muriel Bowser is not ready to lead our city. PAID FOR BY VINCE GRAY 2014. 1816 KALORAMA ROAD, #103, WASHINGTON, DC 20009. CHARLES THIES, JR., TREASURER. A COPY OF OUR REPORT IS FILED WITH THE OFFICE OF CAMPAIGN FINANCE.


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