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St Luke’s or Streatham, RAM or Library... What does Exeter mean to you? The outgoing Exeposé team looks back on their favourite Exeter moments, pages 7-9 The University of Exeter’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1987 Tuesday 19 March 2013 • Issue 607 • • Twitter: @Exepose • Free “I am truly sorry to those I offended” Photo: Exeter Pride • Guild President barred from RAM for 10 days following “verbal assault” • Students rally to support Davies Ellie Steafel Deputy Editor STUDENTS’ GUILD President Nick ‘Welshy’ Davies was barred from the RAM bar for ten days after an altercation with a student journalist, Exeposé learnt last week. The student who issued the complaint against Davies told online news site The Tab: “Nick Davies verbally assaulted me. His behaviour was disgusting, intimidating and so inappropriate it is hard to put into words. “I’m very upset with the ‘punishment’ that has been handed out, but the Guild has taken steps to listen to me and is working on ensuring that the right action is taken, which I’m pleased about.” Guild representatives recommended at a hearing last week that Davies send a written apology to the student. Davies apologised for his actions via Twitter, saying: “Recently, during a social night out, a student journalist was pressing me for my opinion on a story. As I was out celebrating in a social capacity, I was drinking and did not anticipate being asked questions relating to my Presidency role. “My reaction, in which I swore at the student journalist was not necessary and I am truly sorry to those I offended. I understand that I fell short on the responsibilities that go with being President and action has been taken.” Hugh Blackstaffe, a third year Film student, told Exeposé he was surprised by the news: “Welshy is an outstanding individual and phenomenal President who would never have reacted in this way without extensive provocation. We all have moments where we get angry and react impulsively.” Exeposé can confirm that none of its journalists were involved in the incident. The Guild has stated that it cannot offer any further comment since the complaints procedure is still ongoing. Lifestyle: Feels the force on its date with the Dark Side - PAGE 20 music : Be who you are: Pride 2013 Interview with indie-folk purveyors Stornoway - PAGE 24 Sport: Gets set for the Hockey Varsity - PAGE 48 PAGE 2 FIND US ONLINE AT

2012/13 Week 22 Issue 607

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