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NO VOTE, NO VOICE Exeposé brings you everything you need to know about the Sabbatical Elections, pages 20-28 The University of Exeter’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1987 Tuesday 5 February 2013 • Issue 604 • • Twitter: @Exepose • Election week gets underway Beccy Smyth News Editor STUDENTS can now vote for next year’s sabbatical officers as election polls opened across campus and online on Friday 1 February. There has been a slight reduction in the total number of nominations for sabbatical positions in comparison to last year. In 2012, 22 candidates vied for the positions of Guild President, VP Academic Affairs, VP Participation and Campuses, VP Welfare and Community and Athletic Union President. This year, only 21 students put their names forward. Exeter University has a recognised history of high voter turnout for sabbatical elections. Last year, 37.5 per cent of the student body voted, making the Students’ Guild the most democratic students’ union in the country. This year, the Guild hopes to continue the trend, by capitalising and improving upon students’ voting experience. Adam Southhall, the Guild’s Senior Elections Officer, highlighted: “We are still aiming to push turnout higher than 40 per cent by making it easier for students to vote. How to vote information will be on the back of candidates’ fliers, and there will be polling stations in the Forum, the Guild Lounge, and on St. Free Photo: Joshua Irwandi ELECTION FEVER “The same faces and the same policy points seem to reappear” EDITORIAL, PAGE 6 Luke’s”. Rules governing campaigning have been relaxed for this year’s elections in comparison to previous years. For the first time, candidates have been able to start campaigning for votes before Campaigns Week had officially begun. Southhall confirmed that “the principles behind the rules are to ensure that the election remains fundamentally fair, yet allows candidates the scope to develop their campaigns and spend more time getting out the vote.” “We are still aiming to push turnout higher than 40 per cent” Adam Southall, Guild Elections Officer The Guild confirmed at the time of going to press that none of the rules had been breached by any candidates so far. This year student canvassers are allowed to promote their candidates anywhere on campus. The normal zone of canvassing at the bottom of Stocker Road being extended across campus. Students have until 4.00pm on Friday 8 February to cast their vote. The results will be announced the same day at the Lemon Grove during the annual Elections Results Party. Comment: Discuss the Sugar Daddy phenomenon - PAGE 8 Elections Special: Every Sabbatical candidate grilled by Exeposé Books: Interview alumnus on his debut book - PAGE 35 ALL CANDIDATES INTERVIEWED PAGES 20 - 28 Sport: In the Clubhouse with Ultimate Frisbee - PAGE 46 FIND US ONLINE AT

2012/13 Week 16 Issue 604

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