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BEWARE OF IMITATIONS We’ve received many complaints from end-users who have purchased what they thought was an EXEDY product from a well-known auction site, or even from misleading Internet sites who create the impression they are authorized by EXEDY. STANDARD and AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Picture below depicts a common way these sellers will display an EXEDY box and even claim it’s an “EXEDY clutch kit” when in fact only ONE piece of the kit is genuine EXEDY. In short, this example they are mis-matching inferior items, preying upon those who trust the EXEDY name. NISSAN GT-R Knock-Offs No-Name Knock-off Disc No EXEDY Logo NO-name KNOCK-OFFS Genuine EXEDY cover See Page 3 See Page 2 EXEDY recommends purchasing from ONLY Authorized Dealers Check current listing at Page 1 of 12

EXEDY - Beware of Imitations!

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