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The GLOBAL Social Benefit Incubator 2011-12 Center for Science, Technology, and Society S a n ta C l a r a U n i v e r s i t y “My favorite part of the GSBI residence was the countless hours that the faculty dedicated to critiquing my business model and those of my peers. GSBI also gave me a set of tools that I continue to use to evaluate and improve upon Literacy Bridge’s business strategy.” Cliff Schmidt ’10, Executive Director of Literacy Bridge Angaza Design, East Africa ’11 provides clean, bright solar-powered LED lights for the 150 million East Africans without access to electricity. These LED lights enable families to live healthier lives and save $140 per year on the cost of kerosene and batteries. Science and Technology for the Underserved The Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI™) empowers socially-minded entrepreneurs to build sustainable, scalable organizations that solve problems for people living in poverty around the world. Literacy Bridge, Ghana ’10 provides poor, rural communities with on-demand access to locally relevant audio knowledge via “Talking Book,” a simple and durable $10 audio computer that plays, records, and copies spoken messages. The GSBI is the signature program of Santa Clara University’s Center for Science, Technology, and Society. We work with organizations that create value by lifting people out of poverty, utilizing self-sustaining community practices, and developing low-cost solutions. The GSBI is a combination of online, experiential, and skill-building offerings in an eight-month program. We collaborate with a diverse group of partners including successful Silicon Valley executives, academic leaders, and the network of Jesuit universities. Our mentoring network helps participants scale their ventures to create jobs, sell their products and services, and solve problems internationally. Social entrepreneurs who apply and win GSBI scholarships build capacity to effect systemic change through our proven combination of curriculum and individualized mentoring. We help participants create strategic business plans that they can confidently present to impact investors and other funders around the world.

GSBI 2011

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