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ALDE VALLEY SCHOOL SEAWARD AVENUE LEISTON IP16 4BG Volume 1 Autumn Issue 3 2012 Special points of interest:  Oral Formative Feedback  English Writing  Effective Communication  Jigsaw Grouping ‘Talk for Learning’ and Showing Good Progress!  Promoting Learning through Discussion  ‘Talk for Learning’ INSIDE THIS ISSUE Page Oral Formative Feedback (@huntingenglish) 2 The Mathematics of Writing (David Didau) 4 No Pens Day (Lisa J Ashes) 5 The Jigsaw Classroom (Prof Aronson) 7 The ‘Washing Hands’ of Learning: Think Pair Share (Tom Sherrington) 8 Discussion to Promote Learning (Yvonne Lewington) 9 ‘Talk for Learning’ PD Day (Alde Valley Teachers) 11 And Finally.... ............. iPad 10 Apps 14 Well, what an end to the longest half-term in memory! Our staff certainly pulled out all the stops to make our third PD Day a real success. The hall was buzzing with collaboration and discussion. Certainly everyone threw themselves into the day. The theme was ‘Talk for Learning’ and was ably led by Suffolk Advisor Jo Merrion, with support from fellow advisor Jill Larkin. Felllow members of staff led workshops focused on this area. I have included a transcript of the day and also articles publis hed by fellow educators focused on similar themes of improving literacy. I thank them for the sharing of their expertise and experience. A huge thanks to our c o l l e a g u es w ho l e d workshops: Lydia Unwin, John Green, Sue Woolliams, Sue Pine, and Bradley Thompson. Not easy after one of the hardest halfterms that I can remember in my long career. In this issue I have also included articles that support showing ‘good progress’ in the classroom a hot topic of discussion at the moment. Also, a quick list of iPad Apps - we seem to have caught the bug with teacher use increasing A BIG thank you to the authors of the articles - this is entirely due to the world of TWITTER and my PLN! Can’t speak too highly of this…. Happy Reading!

A4A Magazine Autumn Issue 3 2012

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