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The italian spas Page 1 of 21 x THE ITALIAN SPAS From the Alps to the sea the rhythm of the north-west Valle D'Aosta Piemonte Liguria Lombardia The charm of Venice and the roots of Mitteleuropa Veneto Trentino-Alto Adige Friuli-Venezia Giulia The heart of Italy, throbbing with history Emilia Romagna Lazio Toscana Abruzzo e Molise Marche Umbria The wonderful sights of nature and the colors of the South Campania Sicilia Puglia Sardegna Basilicata Calabria Spas. There is something deep and ancestral about them: water, earth, fire... echoes of the beginnings of civilization, heat, and color. They remind us of a time way back in history and, as in a circle connecting the past to the future, they are today seen as a very modem way to achieve good health and physical well-being. In Italy, staying at spa resorts is reminding us of those populations which made the Italian peninsula great in centuries gone by, discovered the benefits that spawaters can give to the human body long ago. They learned to use their healing properties. Thus in Italy from the Alps to the sea, a never-ending chain of spa resorts emerged, where the ancient therapeutic powers of the waters join forces with new demands for wellbeing, against backdrops that have no equal in the world - from the silence of Alpine peaks to the explosion of colors on the coasts and the islands, among myriad towns and villages that tell of the history, the art and the traditions of Italy. The Italian spas: an extraordinary world where a new concept of healthy happy living takes shape, in the subtle, almost magical balance between the perfect functioning of the body and the serene clarity of the mind, in landscapes where living and breathing are a pleasure, and where leisure, sport and culture, enthusiasm and enjoyment blend in harmony to bring a new flavor to each new day. From the Alps to the sea the rhythm of the north-west Imagine top looking down over the part of Italy that is surrounded by the grandeur of the Alps and faces downwards towards the wide expanse of the sea: Piemonte stretching out between the white mountains, the brown hills and the 12/16/2009

The italian spas

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