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City Hubs for Entrepreneurship Series: Miami, Florida / 3 FOREWORD January 2014 We are pleased to present the “City Hubs for Entrepreneurship Series” diagnostic assessment of Miami’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. The findings in this report are the result of six months of research conducted by Endeavor Insight, Endeavor’s internal research group. This research included interviews, surveys, and focus groups with dozens of Miami-based entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and leaders of local entrepreneurship support organizations. The project is also informed by Endeavor’s experience working with over 800 high-impact entrepreneurs in more than a dozen countries during the last 16 years. While the analysis in this document shows that there are a number of important challenges that slow the growth of local entrepreneurs, it is clear that there is a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurship in Miami. Along with our fellow founding board members of Endeavor’s new affiliate office in Miami, we are excited to work alongside so many other committed organizations and partners, as we support local high-impact entrepreneurs. We look forward to helping Miami reach its potential to become a global hub for entrepreneurship. Sincerely, Adriana Cisneros Co-Chairman, Endeavor Miami Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO, The Cisneros Group PHOTO ON COVER: FLICKR USER hcabral  •  PHOTO ON LEFT: FLICKR USER Xynn Tii Daniel Echavarria Co-Chairman, Endeavor Miami Director, Organización Corona

City Hubs for Entrepreneurship Series

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