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DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING N E W S L E T T E R Volume I, Issue I Welcome to our Inaugural Edition! Inside this issue: Department News 2-3 Systems Safety Article 4 New Doctorate of Engineering 5 New Faces 6-7 EMSE Review 8-9 Curriculum Changes Featured People Critical Infrastructures for Dummies July 2008 10 6 12-13 Classifieds 14 Foorball Update & Alumni Database 15 Numbers 16 We are thrilled to be able to finally publish a newsletter for the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. alumnus, a current faculty member, and a current student, so that you can get a feel of who is coming through our ranks. With this tool, we hope to be able to provide our readers knowledge on what is going on within the Department, at Old Dominion University, and with the fields of engineering management and systems engineering. We hope that you find this newsletter to be a valuable asset. We encourage and invite you to submit any ideas of what you’d like to see in this newsletter, i.e. more articles on certain engineering management and systems engineering topics. Feel free to tell us what we’ve missed too! In this edition, you will find interesting news that happened in the past academic year, an article on systems safety, a lay-persons guide to critical infrastructures, and a 2007 review of Departmental publications and research projects. There is also a section which features an Kaufman Engineering Hall Chair’s Corner—Dr. Resit Unal These are some very exciting times for the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering and Old Dominion University! This past school year was a very busy one for the Department. We were visited by the American Society of Engineering Management, who recertified our pro- gram—we are the first program in the country to be recertified by ASEM, which is a very big honor. We revised our curriculum to keep it integral to the demands of the engineering management and systems engineering fields. We said goodbye to Dr. Ji Hyon Mun and Dr. Cory Searcy and are welcoming Dr. Rani Kady, Dr. Pilar Pazos, Dr. Vickie Parsons and Charlie Daniels to the fold. Our publications, students, research expenditures and evaluations are up. Needless to say, things are going very well thanks to hard working faculty and staff who work so hard to make this an excellent team!

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