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The Newsletter of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL etcetera Issue 75 • June 2013 • That’ll be the day! Crowds gather at EMBL for extravaganzas of science, outreach and social activities X-factor science Three years ago, when EMBL-EBI’s Nick Goldman retired to a hotel bar with colleague Ewan Birney, he could not have imagined that an idea playfully drawn out on some napkins – to use synthetic DNA as a means of mass data storage – would lead to a celebrated Nature paper. Yet the interest in their subsequent research, which encoded text, images, sound and more in DNA molecules, has been such that Nick was invited to give an independently organised TEDx (technology, education, design) talk in Prague on 25 May. So, how did it go? The main lab throws open its doors to the world, page 3 What’s got people’s attention at Lab Day? page 7 It takes two to tango Ministerial visit affirms EMBL’s links with the Argentine Republic EMBL Heidelberg welcomed Argentina’s Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao, and National Directress of International Relations, Agueda Menvielle, in May. Their visit follows a Memorandum of Understanding signed last year in Buenos Aires by EMBL Director General Iain Mattaj and Minister Barañao, formalising a shared commitment to strengthen research links and enhance strategic scientific cooperation. See page 5 Find Findout outmore moreon onpage page62 6 Turtle power! 8 Why mucus is more important than you think 10 Is peer review up to it? 11 A decade of the Partnership for Structural Biology

EMBL&cetera 75

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