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EDWARD WATERS COLLEGE APPLICATION FOR UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION Please print in ink or type your responses. Answer all questions. Use N/A if a question is not applicable to you. Attach the nonrefundable $25 application fee to the application. Mail to: Admissions Office, Edward Waters College, 1658 Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL 32209, Phone (904) 470-8200; toll-free 1-888-898-3191 (904) 470-8048: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Social Security #______________________________________ Name_________________________________________________________________________________________ Last First Middle Current mailing address: _________________________________________________________________________ Street Address/P.O. Box City State Zip Code Permanent mailing address: ______________________________________________________________________ Street Address/P.O. Box City State Zip Code Date of Birth: ______________Gender: _______E-mail address: _________________________________________ MM/DD/YY M/F Home Phone: ________________________________ Mobile Phone: _____________________________________ County in which you reside in: _____________________ Place of birth: ___________________________________ City/State/Country Resident of Florida: _____Yes _____No Number of years in Florida____________ Ethnic and citizenship information is requested by the Office of Civil Rights. Please check the appropriate category. ______U.S Citizen _______ Non-Resident Alien ______Resident Alien If citizenship is other than U.S., indicate country: _____________________________ Ethnic Background (for reporting purposes only) ______African- American ______American Indian or Alaskan Native ______Hispanic ______White ______Other (reserved for non- U.S Citizens) _______Asian/ Pacific Island Are you a first- generation college student? _______Yes ________ No Applying for admission as: _____Freshman ______Transfer ______Transient ______Readmit I am applying as a: ______ On-campus student _______Commuting student


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