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2nd Quarter : summer 2011 4XNews A quarterly publication of the Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association National Trails day/ BF Goodrich Outstanding Trails Program- Interlake By: Rich Reisz- President- Boonie Riders 4x4 Club, Inc. Director of Environmental Affairs IFWDA (southern half) Saturday, June 4 was designated National Trails Day for 2011. It was a fitting day to have invited BF Goodrich to visit Interlake. To give a little background on what drove this particular event into existence, I will take you back a few months. Many IFWDA members attended the 2011 IFWDA Convention, hosted by Southern Indiana 4x4 Club. During the regular meeting on Sunday of that weekend, United Delegate Ryan Sweeney brought up that because the deadline nominations for BF Goodrich’s Outstanding Trails Program was coming up, and that IFWDA would like to get a trail nominated for 2011, we should probably decide that day. Since trail 4 at Redbird had received this honor in the past, it was discussed that Interlake should be our focus. Since my club is local to Interlake, and I am knowledgeable of the trail system there, all eyes were on me for a recommendation. I chose trail 19. There are a few reasons that I chose this trail. Trail 19 sits off in a secluded corner of the property, and hasn’t seen the flood of use that many of the trails in the north have, thus it is largely in great shape to start out, and there are no renegade trails, or fifty foot wide mud holes. The other main reason was that Boonie Riders and Bluegrass 4x4 Clubs had already formed a partnership to adopt this trail for maintenance, and improvement efforts. At the time of nomination, we had already spent a couple of weekends flagging off a brand new technical section, under the supervision of the DNR. I felt that these factors made trail 19 the best choice for designation. Fast forward just a few weeks later, and Ryan and I were contacted by a person representing BF Goodrich in this regard. She gave us the great news that we were one of two that had been selected by BF Goodrich, Tread Lightly, and UFWDA. The one hard thing about the news was that we were requested to keep this information confined to the IFWDA Board of Directors. The following weeks were very difficult for me, as two weekends were spent spilling sweat and blood with the members of both clubs as we cleared the new section of trail, moved rocks and dirt, and prepared for the first running. Not letting these hard working people know what I knew felt almost like betrayal. Finally, on April 20th, the official public announcement was made during Easter Jeep Safari. I even knew the time of day it was to happen. I spent a lot of time on the phone that evening putting smiles on the faces of many of my closest friends. So, as for what transpired on June 4th…… Our two clubs came together under one goal. Get the word out to the people, get those people to Interlake, and show those people a good time. All told over 50 people showed up from 5 states to spend the day in 95 degree heat picking up trash, assisting the DNR in marking trails, trimming back brush and overgrowth on trails, and ultimately enjoying the trails. From 9 am until noon, everyone went out and worked. At noon, lunch was provided by Boonie Riders, Bluegrass 4x4, Dave from Bill and Dave’s Smokin Pit, and the many folks who brought chips, side dishes and desserts to share. After lunch, Marcus Bonnie from BF Goodrich presented us with the official plaque designating our little piece of dirt as one of 2011’s Outstanding Trails. Marcus, myself, Mike McLeod- President of Bluegrass 4x4, Pat Bower representing United, and Carmen Jackson of the Indiana Department of Natural Recourses all said a few words about the day, the award, and what it really means to Interlake and motorized trail opportunities in Indiana. Along with the official plaque, there is a financial contribution made by BF Goodrich that is earmarked for maintaining the designated trail. This money will be very useful in the coming years, but the notoriety that comes with such an award is worth so much more. (Continued on page 2) Inside This Issue • Ramblings from Prez • Events Report • Out standing Trails • Superlift • 4xKids Day • Covered Brige Run • The Ranch • Wheeling for Kids

4xNews 2nd quarter 2011

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