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Quarterly Service-Learning A publication of the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center What’s New in the VSLC? In January 2010 the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center will turn 20! To celebrate two decades of connecting campus and community, the Center will unveil new programs, greener documentation procedures, and even more community partnerships over the course of the academic year. Service-learning faculty can look forward to regular service-learning workshops, more opportunities to interact with community organizations on campus, and sleeker methods to assess student learning and community impact. The first workshops include Service-Learning at ECU and Syllabus Construction for Service-Learning Courses. The Center will also host more than 25 community organizations on campus at our annual fall service fair. The fair will take place on September 16 from 12:30–3:00 pm in the Bate Building. We hope you to see you at these and other events throughout the year. As always, if you need a resource that we don’t currently provide, stop by the Center or send us an e-mail. We welcome your feedback. In these tough economic times, the needs of our community are greater than ever before. The VSLC looks forward to collaborating with ECU faculty to continue our mission of connecting students to effective volunteer and service-learning activities to strengthen communities, promote an enduring commitment to civic responsibility, and enhance the academic experience. Community Partner Spotlight Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco-Center Have you ever seen a Smew, fed a Helmeted Currassow, or made a Kookaburra call his signature song? Nestled in the heart of eastern North Carolina is a place where members of the ECU community can see these and more than 167 other bird species. Founded in 1989, Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the world’s waterfowl species through conservation, education, research, and planning. The Center, located in Scotland Neck, NC, is home to thousands of birds and waterfowl, walk through aviaries, a breeding center, and a universally accessible tree house that provides views of wetland swamp habitat from 20 feet in the air. The facility has untapped potential for service-learning courses. From fund-raising and grant writing, the development of science and conservation curriculums, research or investigation of species and habitat, to general service on the grounds, the staff at Sylvan Heights is open-minded to collaboration. To learn more, visit Next Spotlight: Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Page Two Page Three Page Four Spotlight on Service-Learning Course Designation Hot Topics Publications of Interest Quarterly Reflection Activity Calls for Papers Grants & Funding Opportunities Conferences & Events

Service Learning Quarterly Fall 2009

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