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East Carolina University. A P i rat e ’s G uide to Service Tomorrow starts here. A publication of the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center Welcome Katie Winn About $10,000—that’s what Katie Winn, the new North Carolina Campus Compact Vista will earn for a stipend in the next 12 months. In exchange, she’ll spend 36 hours each week in the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center, coordinating the Campus Kitchen. Lot’s of people might see this as a sacrifice, but for Katie, it’s an opportunity. “I decided to become a VISTA because I wanted a chance to engage in service and get experience in what I wanted to do [in the future]. I think that what I want to do is focus on service-learning, so this gives me experience working in a college setting, experience with nonprofits, and experience managing the interesting relationships that happen between the two,” says Katie. Katie will oversee kitchen operations, recruit and train volunteers to cook and deliver meals, and build relationships with the community organizations that receive Campus Kitchen meals. One challenge she’ll face this fall is the development of educational programs that will coincide with delivery shifts. Such programs will add more depth to current community collaborations. In her first few days at ECU, Katie said, “I’m excited to see the Campus Kitchen program grow—to bring my dreams of it to fruition, and see the great things that can come from it.” Summer Snack Project What would you do with 1,600 apples? A few years ago the VSLC had to answer that question, and since then, hundreds of children at the Little Willie Center, Operation Sunshine, the Boys and Girls Club Jarvis Unit, and Police Athletic League have enjoyed fresh fruit and snacks during the summer months. Thanks to a partnership between the VSLC and the First Year Center, apples, chips, and cookies left over from bag lunches at orientation are distributed to summer youth programs instead of going into campus trash cans. The effort is aptly named the Summer Snack Project, and since it’s inception, more than 4,000 apples and thousands of individually wrapped cookies and bags of chips have been donated. We’ve heard great stories about the food—the Little Willie Center staff made apple pies, and Operation Sunshine sent snack bags home with summer program participants to benefit their entire families. And of course, the chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies are always a big hit with the kids! The Summer Snack Project is just one of the many ways ECU supports our community. To learn more, visit, or stop by the VSLC to pick up a 2010/2011 Service Opportunities Guide. Page Two Page Three Page Four Volunteer Spotlight On Summer Associates Spring Arbor The Benefits of Service Calendar of VSLC Upcoming Events

A Pirate's Guide To Service July 2010

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