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East Carolina University. A P i rat e ’s Guide to Service Tomorrow starts here. A publication of the Volunteer and Service-Learning Center Fighting Hunger Pirate Style More than 545,000 North Carolinians struggle with hunger each year. Our friends and neighbors are having to choose between paying utilities and paying for food. But we can help with a local response to food insecurity in the east—the Campus Kitchen at East Carolina University (CKECU). After nearly two years of planning, CKECU opened on February 24 in Todd Dining Hall. Using surplus food from campus dining halls and donated nonperishable food items, CKECU packages balanced meals and deliver them to Greenville individuals in need. We need the help of the Pirate Nation to make CKECU an ongoing success. In the coming months, CKECU will recruit volunteers to prepare and deliver meals. We’ll also need student leaders to plan meals and run kitchen shifts. Classes and student organizations can help by hosting canned food drives to stock the CKECU pantry. Alumni can donate grocery store gift cards to support the purchase of supplemental produce and proteins. If we work together, the Pirate Nation can prevent children from going to bed hungry, or senior citizens having to choose between purchasing life-saving medication or groceries. CKECU is pirate powered hunger relief. Want to be part of the movement? Contact Kim Caudle at caudlek@ecu. edu or 252-328-2735. A Green Challenge The Campus Kitchen at East Carolina University doesn’t just provide nutritious meals, it provides green meals; we share kitchen resources with Aramark and deliver group meals rather than packaging them in individual clamshells. We use surplus food which limits food waste, and soon, we’ll have the option to deliver food by bike, not with cars. ECU is currently participating in Recyclemania, a national recycling competition among colleges and universities. Last month, pirates recycled more than 91,000 pounds of paper, scrap metal, and co-mingled plastic! We’re recycling our fryer oil, eliminating styrofoam cups, using less water, cutting down on fuel emissions, and practicing environmentally friendly building. But there’s more that we can do. So this month, the VSLC is issuing a friendly challenge—do your part to be a little greener! Make sure to toss that empty soda bottle in a recycling bin, not the trash. If you’re headed to grab a bite to eat, pick a restaurant within walking distance of campus or your home. Write on the back side of your paper, cut down your shower time by a minute, or carpool to your volunteer site. Give it a try; pirates look good in green too! Page Two Page Three Page Four Volunteer Spotlight Elise Mauren The Victory Junction Gang Camp The Spring Service Fair Calendar of VSLC Upcoming Events

A Pirate's Guide To Service February 2010

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