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THE LEADER THE AWARD-WINNING STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT ELMHURST COLLEGE. VOL. 48 SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 Nursing lab partners with local hospital A nursing student works on a baby simulator available in the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital learning lab. Brett Peto staff writer There they sit, eyes glassy, a listless, lifeless look on their faces. Undergraduates after a long, boring class? No, they’re dummies—simulated people. The Deicke Center for Nursing Education (DCNE) uses them in teaching labs. And its dummies will be getting a new home soon, as the DCNE’s clinical simulation and immersive learning lab, currently confined to less than 1000 square feet in the basement of Memorial Hall, is getting an upgrade. Under the terms of EC’s new partnership with Elmhurst Memorial Hospital (EMH), the lab will be moved to the hospital and occupy approximately 5000 square feet, in addition to giving access to a classroom accommodating 25 to 30 people. But the partnership comes at a time of deficit for both institutions. EC reported a $3.1 million deficit for fiscal year 2011-2012, following a $972,000 deficit in fiscal year 2010-2011. EC also bears the debt of millions in investments in the School for Professional Studies, an effort to better serve nontraditional and adult students. EMH is struggling with low patient volumes, nearly $500 Internet photo million in debt from construction of a new complex in 2011, an abrupt departure of its CEO this March, and a credit rating downgraded by Fitch Ratings this January to BBB, two levels above junk bond status, according to an article on Elmhurst Patch. Still, rent for the space stands at only $1 per year, and EMH is also paying all utility bills, said Julie Hoff, department chair and director of the DCNE. “But then they [EMH] get use of the space,” she said. “It’s scheduled out. We have an agreement of when they can use the space for their own training for free. We’re using hospital space, they’re going to have access to the lab at designated times.” While EMH is providing the space, the DCNE is providing all equipment, transferring existing and soon-to-be-purchased equipment to the hospital, some of which is worth as much as $80,000. “Most of it’s gonna be stuff we [already] have,” Hoff said. “We have five simulators...two babies, an adolescent, a birthing woman, and an adult man. We would like in one year to possibly purchase the latest sim man.” Areas of the new lab will be devoted to recreating hospital, clinic, and home environments, aimed to foster flexibility in nurses, especially the home environment. “In the home environment, there will be a bathroom and like a little living area,” Hoff said. “What that’s meant to do is [teach students,] how do you enter a home and look for signs of abuse? How do you retrofit a home to take care of someone in the last stages of their life?” Transportation to and from the lab for resident students without cars will be by shuttle bus, whereas students with cars will be responsible for their own transportation. The adaptability and size of the space were tantamount to the partnership, according to see NURSING on page 2 Student arrested for marijuana possession Patrick Erwin news & online editor An EC student was arrested during the College’s welcoming days for students when cannabis was found in his Stanger Hall dorm room. Louis M. Hernandez, 19, was arrested by City of Elmhurst police on Aug. 21. Acting on a referral from Campus Security, police found 2.9 grams of cannabis and related paraphernalia, including grinders and a smoking pipe, in Hernandez’s room. According to the city police blotter, Hernandez, of Dublin, Calif., was released on bond. “He was a student at the time of the incident and arrest,” Jeff Kedrowski, executive director of security and emergency management for the College, confirmed in an email. “He is not a student at this time.” According to, a website for Dublin (Calif.) High School, Hernandez graduated in 2012. A post dated May 2012 recognized Hernandez as the recipient of an EC scholarship. Kedrowski declined further comment about any campus proceedings regarding Hernandez and his specific case, citing the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Last spring, in response to another marijuana possession case, Kedrowski told The Leader that agreements “signed by all residential students,” grant Campus Security the right to search student residences. In that April 2013 case, two EC students living at El- mhurst Terrace were arrested and charged for possession of two grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. According to data on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) website, possession of 2.9 grams of cannabis in would be considered a misdemeanor under Illinois law, and carries a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail. Fhoto by Joseph Kok Drug paraphernalia were found in Hernandez’s Stanger Hall dorm.

The Leader - September 10, 2013

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