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OCTOBER  2011 observer THE  OFFICIAL  STUDENT  NEWSPAPER  OF  ESSEX  COUNTY  COLLEGE SINCE  1968 THE  STUDENT  VOICE OCCUPY WALL STREET By  Christian  Blair O ccupy  Wall  Street  (OWS)  sprang  to  life  on  Saturday,  September  17th  with  around  a  thousand  people  walking  up  and  down  Wall   Street  refusing  to  leave.  They  still  have  not  left.  In  two  weeks  the  crowd  grew  so  large  they  moved  to  nearby  Zuccotti  Park  (former-­ ly  Liberty  Park)  and  set  up  camp.  By  September  28th  the  Transport  Workers  Union  of  America  (TWU  Local-­100)  voted  solidarity   with  the  protestors.  Soon  after,  they  received  the  full  endorsement  of  the  American  Federation  of  Teachers  (Local  1839).  Similar   protests  have  sprouted  up  all  over  the  country.  0DLQVWUHDPPHGLDRXWOHWVKDYHEHHQKDUGSUHVVHGWRGHÂżQHDVSHFLÂżFJRDORI2:6EHFDXVHWKHPRYHPHQWKDVSXUSRVHO\VKXQQHGWKH simplicity  of  a  soundbite.  [See  Page  4] Essex Student Found Dead in Hudson River By  Rodrigo  Perez   Deibi  Nepomuceno,  a  resident  of  Passaic  and  a  student  from  Essex  County  College,  was   found  dead  in  the  outskirts  of  New  York  City,  by  the  Hudson  River  in  mid-­September.   The   student,   20,   left   his   house   on   Friday,   September   16th,   en   route   to   the   college   to   buy   his   books   for   classes   despite   him   not   having   a   scheduled   class   for   that   day.   Nepomuceno   “nev-­ er   made   it   to   his   destination,â€?   said   Detective   Gabriel   Guzman   in   a   report   by   the   NorthJersey   QHZV +LV IDPLO\ ÂżOHG D PLVVLQJ SHUVRQV UHSRUW RQ 6DWXUGD\ ZKHQ WKHLU VRQ GLG QRW UHWXUQ KRPH IRU WKH QLJKW +H ZDV GHVFULEHG DV D ³¿YHIRRWWHQ ZLWK EURZQ H\HV EODFN KDLU PHGL-­ um   complexion,   and   last   seen   wearing   glasses,   blue   jeans,   and   black   sneakers.â€?[See   Page   2]     Honk Your Horn for Jobs By  Theodore  Ezike   As  you  all  may  have  heard  or  experienced,  our  country  is  going  through  some  of  the   worst  economic  times  since  the  Great  Depression.  If  one  were  to  watch  a  cable  news  channel,   they  would  see  that  the  issue  is  indeed  the  most  discussed  and  pondered  problem  today.  With   unemployment  at  approximately  nine  percent  in  the  United  States  and  zero  percent  job  growth,   the  outlook  for  most  Americans  looks  bleak  at  best  without  radical  changes  to  our  social  and   economic  policies.   [See  Page  5] Welcome Sixth President of ECC Dr. Edythe M. Abdullah By  Contributing  Writer   Convocation  2011  kicked  off  the  academic  school  year  with  a  very   special  ceremony,  one  that  the  college  hasn’t  seen  in  many  decades— the  investiture  of  a  new  president.   The   investiture   of   Dr.   Edythe   M.  Abdullah   as   the   sixth   president   of   (&&LVHVSHFLDOO\VLJQLÂżFDQWVLQFHVKHLVDOVRWKHÂżUVWIHPDOHSUHVLGHQW of  the  college.     In  an  atmosphere  of  academic  pomp  and  circumstance,  the  Investiture   Ceremony  began  when  ECC’s  esteemed  faculty,  draped  traditionally  in   colorful  academic  regalia,  slowly  marched  into  the  beautifully  trans-­ formed  ECC  gymnasium  to  the  sound  of  composer  Johann  Pachelbel’s   “Canon  in  D  Minor,â€?  while  the  honored  guests  on  the  dais  stood  re-­ spectfully.   As  the  Investiture  Program  unfolded,  many  well  known  Essex  County  dignitaries    happily  made   their  way  to  the  microphone  to  endorse  both  the  new  president  and  the  historical  success  of  Essex   [See  Page  5] IN THIS ISSUE Joachim: From ‘Art Kid’ to Website Owner.... 2 Student Development Cen-­ ter Preps Students for Job Market....  3 Occupy Wall Street....4 Honk Your Horn for Jobs....5 Halloween Safety Tips....6 Seventh Annual Constitu-­ tion Day at ECC....7 Horrorscopes....8 Essex  County  College  303  University  Ave.  Newark,  NJ  07102

ECCO October 2011

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