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Best of Friends Friends of the Durham Library Newsletter Spring 2013 A New Mission Statement for the Library The library is beginning work on a new strategic plan, and as a first step has created a new, dynamic mission statement. The new statement: Encourage Discovery, Connect the Community and Lead in Literacy, highlights the library’s mission and reinforces the brand of Durham County Library by using the initials DCL to communicate the message. Library Launches New Catalog L ibrary patrons spend a significant amount of time browsing for books and managing their accounts in the online catalog. Now that experience is easier and more user-friendly, thanks to an update launched in March. The new catalog is a vast improvement over the old, antiquated system and has many updated features including: • Search filtering directly from the catalog home screen. The new catalog allows patrons to narrow their searches using drop-down categories like Adult Fiction and Nonfiction, Children’s Books, Teen Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, Graphic Books and Music. This is in addition to the search fields that were previously found in the catalog, like Title, Keyword, ISBN and more. • Auto-complete searching. Much like Google remembers popular searches, the new catalog will now offer suggestions in a drop-down menu as the search term is typed in. Typing the letter “h” brings up Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Henrietta Lack, Hitchcock and other popular and recent searches. The list adjusts as more of the search term is entered. • Accurate results even with misspellings. Searching for The Brothers Karamazov by Dostayevsky, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hoseini or Fifty Shades of Gray? The catalog can now find authors and titles even if the spelling is not quite right. (That’s Dostoyevsky, Hosseini and Grey.) Continued on page 3 Discovery refers to the learning, exploring and creating that happen in the library every day. Community references the central role the library plays in providing a place to meet and build relationships with others, and Literacy encompasses competence and understanding in many areas – reading, technology, citizenship, etc. Next steps for the strategic plan include forming a working committee and creating a vision statement. Stay tuned!

Best of Friends - Spring 2013

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