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Southside Peop e TEL: 01 8621611. Vol.17. No.1 VERIFIED READERSHIP CASH FOR GOLD We buy your unwanted old or new Gold Chains, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets etc... ANY CONDITION - CASH PAID Stillorgan - 2 Old Dublin Road Opposite Stillorgan College Opening Hours: 11am-5pm Mon-Sat 5 Jan - 11 Jan ‘11. Mum’s devastation as son’s care cut pital on a weekly basis to see a dietician, a paediatrician and a neurologist. In addition, he attends speech therapy and physiotherapy, despite doubts that he will ever walk or talk. “Jamie’s life is pretty much in the hospital,” Leona added. “He has to see so many specialists on a regular basis for pretty much everything. The concern is down to his immune system being so low which means he is more susceptible to getting sick. “I have to give him his food and medication through a tube attached to his stomach because when he was feeding through the mouth it was going down the wrong way and leaking into his lungs. That caused bad chest infections and breathing problems.” She added: “The last time I was out with friends was four years ago. I love my son to death, but I’ve cut myself off from friends, and friends have cut themselves off from me. Nobody knows how to be around Jamie because to people he’s not normal and they don’t know what to say. The home care helped me divide THE mother of a severely disabled boy has told of her devastation over cuts to his vital home care help. Leona Burke (32), from Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, explained how she is dependent on the care provided to her son Jamie (3) who suffers from a rare defective disorder known as Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. Jamie’s home care was slashed in half, from 40 hours per month to a mere 20 when children’s charity the Jack and Jill Foundation, which provided the care, was unable to secure e1.3 million in funding for this year. “My son was dependent on those 40 hours a month,” Leona said. “The cuts have come at a time when other assistance I was relying on was cut as well. A woman called out to my home on behalf of the assistance programme to offer a shoulder to cry on when things got really bad. It helped to deal with the isolation and the demands of Jamie’s condition. But now that help is gone, on top of half of the help provided by Jack and Jill.” Leona explained how Jamie’s condition is so debilitating that he has to be fed through a tube in his stomach. He also sometimes suffers severe seizures that can result in a starvation of oxygen to his brain. “Sometimes Jamie suffers 10 seizures a day,” Leona added. “There was one time in hospital when he stayed locked in a seizure for 45 minutes. It was terrifying because his fits restrict oxygen to his brain. There was a time when Jamie tried to talk, but since the fits got by Martin Flanagan worse he can’t even speak. He suffers from delayed mental development, and his fits are likely to slow development even further in the long run.” Leona told how Jamie’s roundthe-clock care, coupled with cuts to his home help, have put a strain on her family relationships. “Jamie’s care is constant,” Leona explained. “My daughter Amber (14) has had to learn so much since she was 10 about how to take care of her little brother. “There was a time when we spent more time together, and the home care helped free up time for that, but now my relationship with Amber is under strain because we are practically housebound to look after Jamie. And both our social lives are almost non-existent. “The home care freed up time to get things done inside and outside the house. I was able to do my shopping knowing that Jamie was in safe hands when the help was there, but now everything is delayed and Amber has to help out a lot more.” Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome means that Jamie suffers from a litany of health problems such as ongoing epileptic fits, a heart murmur, eye and ear complications, and delayed physical and mental development. He has to attend Tallaght Hos- my time and I got a lot more things done with the help.” Carmel Doyle, the communications director of the Jack and Jill Foundation, said that over the past two years donations to the charity had fallen by 25 per cent. The money it pays out to families for home nursing care and respite is up by 40 per cent with more babies than ever on its books. “As a result Jack and Jill is facing a shortfall of e450,000 in 2010 which will wipe out the last of its reserves,” she said. “We have had a number of talks with ministers and the HSE over the past six months and made a rock solid economic argument for more State support.” The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation has launched a national mobile phone text campaign asking people to give the price of a pint (€5) by texting the word PINT to 57034. The money donated goes directly to support home nursing care and respite for 300 children with severe neurological delay and brain damage across Ireland. All politics is local… The best way to reach the electorate is by advertising in the Southside People  Little three-year-old Jamie Burke, from Fortunestown Lane, Tallaght, suffers from a rare defective disorder known as Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. Photo by Darren Kinsella Tel: (01) 4561811 web: email: Cromwellsfort Road, Dublin 12. Es t a b l i sh e d 1 95 9 Focus Style - 5dr. 1.6l Diesel, incl. Metallic Paint, Road Tax e104p.a. €23,170 €4,500 On the Road € 18,670 Retail Scrappage Conor Lenihan, T.D. Minister for Science, Technology & Innovation Office number: 01 6183060 e-mail: Southside Peop e unrivalled coverage EVERY WEEK 45,000 COPIES  Fiesta Style - 5dr. 5dr, incl. Metallic Paint €16,715 €4,000 On the Road € 12,715 Retail Scrappage


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