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Notes from Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting Definition A consultant is a person in a position to have some influence over an individual, group, or an organization but who has no direct power to make changes or implement programs. A manager is someone who has direct responsibility over the action. To know what the person is talking about To put ideas into words, to listen, to give support, to disagree reasonably, to maintain a relationship Each consulting project goes through five phases. The steps in each phase are sequential. Skillful consulting is being competent in the execution of each of these steps. Phase 1. Entry and Contracting This has to do with the initial contact with a client about the project. Phase 2. Discovery and Dialogue Consultants need to come up with their own sense of the problem. They also need skill in helping the client with the same Phase 3. Feedback and the Decision to Act The data collection and analysis must be reported in some fashion. Phase 4. Engagement and Implementation This involves carrying out the planning of the previous step. Phase 5. Extension, Recycle or Termination It begins with an evaluation of what went on during engagement and implementation. Following this is the decision whether to extend the process to a larger segment of the organization. Promise of Flawless Consultation 1. Have your expertise better utilized 2. Have your recommendations more frequently implemented 3. Become more in a partnership role with your clients 4. Avoid no-win situations 5. Develop internal commitments in your clients 6. Receive support from clients 7. Increase the leverage you have on clients 8. Establish more thrusting relationships with clients Chapter 1. A Consultant by Any Other Name ‌

Flawless Consulting

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