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Welcome To Drake University Drake University is a national, coeducational, independent and private university founded in 1881. The is comprised six colleges and Drake University offers a University unique blend of the ofliberal arts and schools that offpreparation er more thanin 70an majors. The College of Arts and focused Sciences professional educational environment off ers numerous majors in its four divisions and staff supports completely on undergraduate personalized learning. Drake faculty and are the programs of the other colleges and schools. The College of Business totally committed to helping students—on an individual baand Public Administration, School of Education, School of Journalism and sis—to learn and prepare personal fulfillment, and professional Mass Communication supportfor extensive undergraduate graduate success, and service to their community. programming. The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, School of Education, and Law School provide doctorates. Few institutions can equal or professional surpass Drake’s unique combina- tion of advantages. More than 3,000 full-time undergraduate students from 45 states and 56 countries attend Drake University. Total enrollment with part-time, law •andRanked theis top two universities reputation for edugraduateamong students more than 5,600. The in University’s student/faccational quality of the top seven “best values” among ulty ratio of 15:1 offand ers a one high-quality, personalized experience with ample opportunity for personal interaction. Nearly by all Drake graduates per142 Midwestern Master’s universities U.S. News and(92 World cent in 2008) find career employment or enter graduate school within six Report . months after receiving their degrees. Nearly 80 percent of Drake students graduate having had one or more internships. • Students learn from professors, not teaching assistants. More than 90 percent ofofDrake the highest degrees Approximately 98 percent Drakefaculty full-timehold undergraduate students rein their field and work one-on-one guides ceive financial aid, including both merit- –as and teachers, need-basedmentors, assistance. Drake awards more than 5,000 scholarships each year and more $65 million and friends –with their students to help themthan achieve their in financial assistance is provided to Drake undergraduate students potential. For the ninth consecutive year, Drake University is listed in the “Great Schools, Great Prices” category for Midwest master’s universities in the annual college rankings published by U.S.News & World Report magazine. Drake's President Drake’s12th 12th President David DavidMaxwell Maxwell David Maxwell, Ph.D., who has David Maxwell, Ph.D., has been president of Drake University since May of 1999. He wasbeen director of the National Foreign president of Drake UniLanguage Center in Washington, D.C.,since from May 1993 of to 1999, versity 1999, after has serving as president of Whitman College from 1989 to 1993. Dr. extensive experience Maxwell was at Tufts University from 1971 to 1989 asina higher faculty education, institutional member in Russian language and literature, and servedstrategic as dean of undergraduate studies for eight years. curriculum planning planning, Born in New York City, Dr. Maxwell earned hiseducation. bachelor’s deand international gree in Russian area studies from Grinnell College in 1966. He An active andinwidely received his master’s and doctorate degrees Slavic published languages scholar on Russian literature, Dr. and literatures from Brown University. At Brown, Dr. Maxwell wasMaxwell a Brownwas University director Fellow of the and Nasubsequently a National Defense Education Act Fellow. He was tional Foreign Language Center a Fulbright Fellow in Moscow, USSR, in 1970-71, and at Tufts rein Washington, D.C., from 1993and to ceived the Lillian Leibner Award for distinguished teaching 1999, after president of Whitman College from 1989 advising. Atserving Tufts heas also twice received the Senior Class Citation for Distinguished In 1991 the University Graduto 1993. He was aService. faculty member andBrown dean of undergraduate ate School of Arts and Sciences awarded him the Distinguished studies at Tufts University prior to joining Whitman. Alumnus Citation. Dr. Maxwell earned his bachelor’s degree in Russian area Drake ranked fifth in the overall rankings of 141 Midwest universities that provide a fullenvironment. range of undergraduate and tell master’s programs, and main• A family Alumni will you their Drake experitained its No. reputation for academic ence has had2aposition lasting in impact throughout theirquality lives –(peer that assessDrake ment). helped them become who they wanted to be. Community • Learning and experience. Nearly 75 percent of Drake have ts atofleast one during their unDrake students combines will the benefi a safe andinternship friendly “small town” campus with the advantages of –a giving capital Drake city. Thegraduates Des Moines metro advantage area, with a dergraduate careers a huge population of more 500,000, offers a variety of easily accessible culwhen entering thethan world of work. tural, entertainment and career-building experiences. • TheMore than percent Drake within six capital city 75 of Iowa and aofcenter forstudents insurance,graduate government, publishyears—much faster those in universities— ing, business and more,than Des Moines is apublic great place to land internships or start a career, enjoy classic architecture, experience metroand more than 90 modern percentart ofor each year’s graduates are employed politan amenities explore scenic bicycle trails. six months of graduaor accepted to aorgraduate program within tion. The city’s diverse offerings include the antiques shops and one-of-a-kind boutiques of historic Valley Junction; downtown’s lively East Village and Athletics, sports intramurals a pivotal in Court Avenue club districts; a zoo,and science center and play art museum; androle the anshaping the Drake experience. men’s andthe women’s teams nual Des Moines Arts Festival, which Both is ranked among top fine arts festivals in theincountry. compete the Missouri Valley Conference at the Division I level in basketball, soccer, golf, cross country, track and field, volleyBut and don’ttennis. just take our word for it. In its July 2008 issue, Kiplinger’s Perball sonal Finance magazine named Des Moines one of the top ten best cities Drake football League) and women’s crew in the country to live,(Pioneer work andFootball play. are Division I non-scholarship sports. studies from Grinnell College in 1966. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees in Slavic languages and literatures from Brown University. President Maxwell serves on the Community Board of the President Maxwell serves on the the Wells Fargo Bank, Iowa/Nebraska andCommunity is a memberBoard of the of GreatWells Fargo Bank, Iowa/Nebraska and is member of the Greater er Des Moines Committee. pastmember memberof of the the board board of Des Moines Committee. HeHeis isa apast of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, past president of the Des Moines Higher Education Collaborative, past chair of the Iowa Association Association of of Independent Independent Colleges Colleges and and Universities, Universities, and and of of the the Missouri Valley Conference. Nationally, Dr. Maxwell is a member Missouri Valley Conference. Nationally, Dr. Maxwell is a member of the Executive Committee of the Business/Higher Education of the Executive Education Forum, the BoardCommittee of Trusteesofofthe theBusiness/Higher Council on Economic Development theofeditorial of Council Peer Review. He also isDean Forum, the and Board Trusteesboard of the on Economic education associate of the Conference Board. velopment and the editorial board of Peer Review. He also is an education associate of the Conference Board. w w w. G o D r a k e B u l l d o g s . c o m

Welcome To Drake

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