Issuu on Google+ Follow us on Catch the next National Supplement on Printers with DQ Week - 30th July issue. For Ad bookings write to or call 09717194826 June 25-July 1, 2012 CHENNAI DELHI KOLKATA MUMBAI National Supplement - Monitors LED is Trending Now! All the leading vendors have adapted to the consumer trends and are offering trendy and slim LED monitors D isplay segment has evolved a long way from bulky CRT monitors to sleek and stylish LED monitors. In the last couple of years, the market was upbeat about LCD monitors and slowly the transition happened to the energy-efficient LED monitors. It was a natural evolution and progression in this segment. Today, it is the era of LED and it is going to be even better with the technology in the coming year. The monitor segment including CRT, LCD, and LED monitors in all these years has been a significant segment for the partner community. In the last decade, there have been technological innovations in the entire plethora of offerings. Today, most of the partners are dealing primarily in the LCD and LED monitors. This segment has received the required impetus from the growth of verticals like government, education, BPO, and gaming. This segment is expected to grow on a positive note on a y-o-y basis. Interestingly, the market has seen demand coming from standalone monitors. There was significant traction coming from the replacement or refresh market. In addition, the growth has also come from the increased demand for larger screen size and even adaption of green tech- nologies. The demand for eco-friendly technologies has provided LED monitors the boost to improve its acceptance amongst the consumer base. All the leading vendors have also adapted to the consumer trends and are offering trendy and slim monitors. The LED monitors are gaining ground with focus on brightness, slimmer profile, and energy-saving features. Furthermore, features like 3D, TV input, and HDMI are pulling in the enthusiasts and the prosumers. MARKET STATS As per CMR reports, LED sell-throughs surpass LCD sales for the first time in the country, the latter dropping 38% q-o-q as leading vendors discontinue the product line. The research firm had conducted a top 30 city survey during the last OND quarter wherein these cities had registered at 5.95 lakh units during this period. The post festive season slack was compounded by the global squeeze in supply of key components on account of the devastating 2011 floods in Thailand, home to manufacturing facilities for a number of vendors. This was the first time in India that standalone PC monitor market saw LED sell-throughs touch nearly 59% of total PC monitor sell-throughs during the India Standalone PC Monitor Market by Screen Size (% share of shipments) Q3 2011 vs Q4 2011 Technology Type Screen Size 15.6”W 18.5”W 20”W 21.5”W Others 2011, Q3 28.70% 45.80% 19.10% 3.90% 2.50% LCD Monitors 2011, Q4 25.50% 48.40% 19.00% 4.30% 2.80% LED Monitors 2011, Q3 29.40% 35.30% 25.30% 6.80% 3.10% 2011, Q4 35.70% 34.90% 20.40% 7.40% 1.60% CMR’s India 30 City Monthly Stanalone PC Monitor Market review for October- December 2011, March 2012 AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE   403-A, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, New Delhi-110065 Ph. : 26235576, 26433377, 26435511 Mobile-9811068707 e-mail: Branch Office: Chennai: 1st Floor Flat No. Old 10/5, New 25/5, Nathamuni Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017 Ph.-044-28156156, 28152156 EPSON SPARE STORES: • Chennai - Madras Computech-9840512312 • Bangalore: Mega Systems-9845006893, Peripheral Services-9845044658, • Coimbatore: BIOS Infotech-9364405859 • Kochi: Gloria Business & Service-9895080518 • Madurai: Srimathi Computers-9843053693 • Mysore: Computer Printing Products & Accessories-9845922977 • Secunderabad: Technics-9246509035 • Thrissur: Prime Systems & Services-9747548123 • Vishakapatnam: Global Service Point-9848171486 • New Delhi: JK Printer Point-9350203649 • Indore: Apna Electronics-9302111251 • Jaipur: Lazer Dot Solutions-9828015919 • Kolkata: Galaxy Computech Pvt. Ltd.-9830031170, Hitech Services-9830016105 • Patna: Astric Computer Pvt. Ltd.-9431017773 • Ranchi: Ascent Technology-9933188803 October-December 2011 quarter. This can be attributed to leading vendors discontinuing production of LCD technology based models and at the same time promoting the LED form factor. As per the report, in terms of overall India standalone PC monitor sell-throughs, LG continued to be at a leading position with 27% market share, followed by Samsung. Acer and AOC were at third and fourth spots, respectively, while Dell managed the fifth spot. In terms of LCD PC monitor sales, Samsung was the market leader with a 26% share followed by LG and Acer, respectively, during 4Q 2011. For LED PC monitor sales during 4Q 2011, LG continued to be in the top spot with a 31% market share. Samsung replaced Acer in the second place, while AOC maintained its position at the fourth spot. According to Sumanta Mukherjee, lead analyst, Information Technology Practice, CMR, “The India market was slow in 4Q 2011 due to a rise in prices of PC monitors, even as availability was restricted due to supply chain bottlenecks, particularly on account of the floods in Thailand. This was further compounded by rising prices of assembled PCs due to lower supplies of hard disk drives and key components.” ROAD AHEAD Most of the prominent players appear to be phasing out their LCD monitor lines, shifting their empha- sis to LED monitors. The vendors are tapping the emerging opportunity by offering a wide range of variants in a segment. The consumer today has a plethora of options to choose from, and with the technology advancement it has become as per requirement. Apart from fresh purchases, there is a significant market in the replacements too. Most of the users who are upgrading are now willing to spend a tad more and avail the LED monitors due to its benefits, especially concerning power consumption and better display.The time ahead for vendors in this vertical seems to be going all the way with LED. World’s leading pre-installed PC disaster recovery solution Server / Client is also available ! COMPARISON CHART Features RollBack RX Ghost Rapid Restore Recovery Genius Space required 0.07% total disk space 50% to 100% of system size 50% to 100% of system size 30% to 40% of disk space Many minutes Minutes Restore Time Seconds Many minutes Restore points Up to 60,000 1 Time to create a new restore point 3 seconds Many minutes Restore with data up to the second Auto restore options 3rd party media required Hidden partition required Dynamic space management Configuration management ability Deployment strategies Dynamic user access control 1 Many minutes 10 S Many minutes with system shutdown Goback 20% to 40% of disk space Minutes Hundreds Minutes Delhi: 382, Sant Nagar, East Of keilash White House, Market Lane,New Delhi: - 110 065. Ph: 011 - 64597851 , Fax - 011 - 46632608 Hyderabad: 306 Intech Residency, Khairatbad, Near Lakdi Ka Pul, Hyderabad-500004, Ph: +91 40-31921777 Mumbai: +91 9422080208 H.O.: P-17 Mission Row Extension Kolkata - 700 091. Ph: 033 - 4005 4044, Fax - 033 - 40054055

DQ Week National Supplement -June,2012

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