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BEST BEST OF THE ŠRonald J. Krowne Photography 2008 Dan’s Papers June 3, 2011 Page 10 TABLE Beautiful Custom Drapery! CE RS! 26 YEA Check us Out on: Facebook B IG G REBATES GOING ON NOW! SEE SOME PICTURES OF OUR BEAUTIFUL WORK ON: WWW .FLICKR .COM /PHOTOS / WINDOWSANDWALLSUNLIMITED Call Linda & Paul • 631-287-1515 375 County Road 39, Southampton •    Trying to Fly to Europe by Dan Rattiner 21 The Two Forks by Dan Rattiner E 39 Teaching Aliens by Dan Rattiner 23 Bad Outcomes by Dan Rattiner A 23 Run Dan’s Potatohampton by Elise D’Haene 29 Danny Murray by T.J. Clemente 31 A Busy Week for the Atlantic Ocean by David Lion Rattiner 39 Thiele Pushes Gas Prices to Come Down by T.J. Clemente 41 Who’s Here: Colin Quinn by David Lion Rattiner 50 The North Fork’s Bedell Cellars Winery by David Lion Rattiner 52 Guild Hall SummerDocs by T. J. Clemente 45 18 24 54 43 44 42 Hamptons Epicure South O’ the Highway Green Monkeys Photo Pages Hamptons Subway 20something Sheltered Islander 46 48 47 49 33 51 By the Book Classic Cars Captain Microchip Ten Minute Golf Whispers Bella’s Picks WINE GUIDE 61 56 North Fork Events Local Wine Pairings 58 60 Your Home Wine Cellar Taste the North Fork DINING 62 65 Simple Art of Cooking Dining Out 63 64 Side Dish Nite Life 66 Shop ‘til you Drop 67 New Kids HOUSE & HOME 68 Hamptons Babysitting A&E 70 71 Art Commentary Honoring 73 72 Water Mill Center Concerts for a Cure CALENDARS 69 76 Kids Events Day By Day 74 74 Art Events Movies AND MORE... 75 75 78 Letters to Dan Police Blotter Service Directory 91 11 Classifieds Luxury Liner Schedule T U R              O n a munch-by-munch basis, deer are the most demanding animal on the planet.What can you do to protect your property? Call us.We use repellent that’s organically formulated and will not harm children,pets or deer! A taste and 214 smell deterrent,it trains deer to North Sea Rd avoid your property.If that’s not Southampton enough, we’ll build a fence or create a landscape with trees and shrubs that deer don’t eat! Also, deer carry ticks that transmit Lyme Disease. So don’t just protect your property, protect your family’s health by keeping deer away. Call us now! 2876699 1869 MAIN STREET OPTICS VOLUME XLVIIII NUMBER 11, JUNE 3, 2011 17 F 857 TING LEBRA OF CONTENTS E S COLUMNS • Open 7 Days Year Round • 744 Dr. Robert Ruggiero Exams • Contacts • Emergency Service Most Extensive Selection Including Cartier • Chrome Hearts • Oliver Peoples 82 Main St. Southampton • 631•287•7898 LIFESTYLE EVENT * 50th Anniversary Logo Design Winner * Graphic artist and musician Craig Phillip Cardone of Freeport won the “Create a Logoâ€? contest for Dan’s Papers’ 50th Anniversary. Cardone incorporated original artwork by Mickey Paraskevas in his whimsical, winning design. This issue is dedicated to Moo Rattiner, a faithful dog, much loved. 4106 2221 Montauk Highway • P.O. Box 630 • Bridgehampton, NY, 11932 • 631-537-0500 Classified Phone 631-537-4900 • Classified Fax 631-537-1292 Dan's Papers was founded in 1960 by Dan Rattiner and is the first free resort newspaper in America.

Dan's Papers June 3, 2011

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