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#ILoveDowntownSyracuse Because we were born and raised here and it makes our hearts happy to see it start coming back to life. #ILOVEDOWNTOWN SYRACUSEBECAUSE of all the awesome local businesses nearby, the amazing people who run them & the great service! #ILOVE DOWNTOWNSYRACUSE BECAUSE of the history, the culture, the community, and the growth! Proud to be Downtown 162 years and counting! #ILove Downtown Syracuse Because it's my home. #ILOVEDOWNTOWN SYRACUSEBECAUSE it embodies the city's culture. There are also good places to shop and eat. #ILoveDowntown SyracuseBecause it is looking toward the future and growing stronger with local businesses! #ILoveDowntown SyracuseBecause, simple or complex, a coffee outing or a festival, there is much to do. It's simply inspiring. #ILoveDowntownSyracuse Because of the food, drink, and good company. Architecture ain't too shabby either. #ILoveDowntown SyracuseBecause of the public art, the great restaurants, and the history. | 2013 Downtown Committee of Syracuse Annual Report

Downtown Committee of Syracuse Annual Report 2013

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