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Killer goes from Soho House to big house, p. 7 Volume 83, Number 17 $1.00 West and East Village, Chelsea, Soho, Noho, Hudson Square, Little Italy, Chinatown and Lower East Side, Since 1933 September 26 - October 2, 2013 Genomics are now in Downtown’s DNA with Soho center By Heather Dubin The bioscience frontier now has a new epicenter in Downtown Manhattan with the official opening of the New York Genome Center last week. The 170,000-squarefoot medical research facility will be a hub for collaboration between academia, industry and clinicians, with 16 participating universities and hospitals so far.  Located at 101 Sixth Ave., between Watts and Grand Photo courtesy Bowery Boogie David McWater giving his resignation speech from Community Board 3 on Tuesday evening at P.S. 20. David McWater leaves C.B. 3; Led board on rezoning, SPURA BY LINCOLN ANDERSON An oversize presence on Community Board 3 for more than a decade, David McWater announced his resignation at C.B. 3’s monthly full-board meeting on Tuesday evening, Sept. 24. As first reported in a special online article in The Villager, McWater told the newspaper on Monday afternoon that he would resign the following day. Speaking after the full-board’s public session on Tuesday, McWater gave a brief, 10-minute speech. He thanked former City Councilmember Margarita Lopez, who he said, “really salvaged me when I was a goof-off at 27, 28.” He thanked Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and former fellow board member Harvey Epstein for being “unsung heroes” on the East Village / Lower East Side rezoning and also, in Epstein’s case, the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area. McWater also thanked C.B. 3 District Manager Susan Stetzer and other fellow board members who were his allies in the initiatives he led, or who had mentored him when he first came on the board. McWater said the decision to leave the board was his own, and that he wasn’t pressured out, that he had the support of the Manhattan borough president. He said his father died earlier this year, adding, “I had decided sometime ago not to reapply for reappointment in April.” “Any of you in this room who may have mistreated me, I forgive you,” he said. “And if there are any of you who feel mistreated by me, I hope you’ll forgive me, too.” Then he handed over the microphone for the last time and briskly walked up the aisle and out the door, and was gone down the sidewalk. Before his remarks, board members — some probably already having learned the news by reading The Villager article — had come over to McWater to wish him well. On Monday afternoon, McWater spoke to The Villager in two telephone interviews, during the latter of which he said he planned to resign from the board. During the second conversation, which was more than an hour long, he reflected on his C.B. 3 career and its high points, as Sts., the genome center was created with more than $140 million in funds from New York City, New York State and several foundations and philanthropies, including Mayor Bloomberg. The center occupies seven floors of the 23-story building, which formerly housed the 32BJ union headquarters. The mayor was a keynote speaker at the Sept. 19 Continued on page 13 Sixth Ave. buildings evacuated after new project causes shift By Lincoln Anderson Responding to concerns by nervous residents, the Department of Buildings and firefighters evacuated 188 and 190 Sixth Ave. of their residents on Thursday afternoon. Also evacuated was the ground-level Ciccio restaurant, which had more than 90 reservations for that evening. Residents of No. 188 had complained that construction next door was destabilizing Continued on page 4 5 1 5 ca n a l street • NYC 10013 • Copyrig h t © 2013 NYC Commu nity M ed ia , LLC the building. One woman, in particular, the occupant of the rear first-floor apartment abutting the construction site, said she couldn’t get in or out of her apartment on Monday because the door jam had shifted, and had to call a locksmith to first get her in — and then, later, back out again. There were also new cracks in the plaster on the hallway walls and arches. Continued on page 6 EDITORIAL, LETTERS page 10 getting down at subculture page 16

Sept. 26, 2013, The Villager

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