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0 15465 10500 9 The Paper of Record for Greenwich Village, East Village, Lower East Side, Soho, Union Square, Chinatown and Noho, Since 1933 April 17, 2014 • $1.00 Volume 83 • Number 46 City Council approves South Village Historic District unanimously BY SAM SPOKONY F PHOTO BY SARAH FERGUSON Steve Cannon standing in the empty Tribes gallery. During an auction, patrons were urged to take what remained of the storied arts salon, founded in 1991 in Cannon’s E. Third St. apartment. See Page 16. our months after the Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the South Village Historic District, the City Council on April 10 resoundingly seconded the motion. By a 47-to-0 vote, the Council officially land- ‘Shame!’ Advocates blast gov, N Albany at anti-charter protest T hey came from all boroughs. Hundreds of parents, with their placard-carrying children in tow, standing alongside educators on the steps of the New York Public Library’s 42nd St. and Fifth Ave. main branch building on Thurs., April 10. The multi-generational crowd was passionately protesting the co-loca- tion of charter schools within public schools, while, they charged, the needs of mainstream public school students continue to go unmet. Public education advocate Noah Gotbaum led off the rally by denouncing the recent passage of a bill in the state Legislature that supports charter schools’ free presence within public school buildings. Along with their chants, children and parents held up a sea of signs further amplifying their sentiments: “All Kids Matter,” “Who Protects the 94%?” “Wall Street Hands Off $$$ for our Children” and “Protect Our Public Schools” were just a few of the slogans. As Gotbaum spoke, at one point, the crowd spontaneously broke into a boisterous “Shame on you!” directed at Albany. S.V.H.D., continued on p. 6 Report says L.E.S. has many ‘intensely’ segregated schools BY ZACH WILLIAMS BY TEQUILA MINSKY marked the new historic district, which is roughly bounded on the west by Sixth Ave., to the north by W. Fourth St., on the east by Sullivan St. and LaGuardia Place and to the south by W. Houston St. “This new historic district will protect centuries of history,” said Council- ews coverage about a new report on severe segregation in New York City public schools has focused on lack of student diversity in schools in Harlem and the Bronx. However, the report also noted another area where school segregation is particularly heavy, though it has received little media coverage: the East Village and Lower East Side. In short, policy makers — by decreasing emphasis on maintaining classroom diversity while increasing support for alternative education models — have created the highest levels of separation along racial DISTRICT 1, continued on p. 5 CHARTERS, continued on p. 4 Hotel would be museum plaster 8 A howl from Hell Square for police 13 The ‘hills’ are 18


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