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We don’t hold the truth; the Truth holds us. Founded 2007 | Issue 4, Spring 2010 University of Maine student publication DOULOS Magazine: Engaging Culture from a Biblical Perspective can it coexist with christ? Also in this issue: Oprahism Debunked Find out what’s wrong logically with Winfrey’s idea of spiritual truth – p. 10 Darwin’s Faith Do You See What We See? Follow the icon on his journey from Christianity to agnosticism – p. 6 Interpreting Genesis What has changed since 1910 in the way fundamentalists view the Bible? p. 8 Dr. Ken Miller Interview with the eminent Christian biologist from Brown University – p. 22 And much more! We’re online! Visit us at Artwork | Articles | Essays | Fiction | Memoir | Opinion | Poetry | Reviews

DOULOS Magazine, Issue 4

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