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Interactive Pictures using Microsoft Excel Get Started 1. Launch Microsoft Excel. Click the Start button on the task bar. Move the mouse pointer over Programs and then click on the Microsoft Excel icon. 2. You will have a black workbook open in Excel. If not, click on the New Workbook Control + N. icon on the standard toolbar or by pressing Create a Grid The first step in creating a scaffolding file is to create a grid in Excel. This grid will be used as the framework when including pop-up comments on your image. First, highlight the entire worksheet by clicking the Select All button at the top left corner of the worksheet. From the File menu click Format. Choose Row then Height Enter 25 in the Row Height field Click the OK button From the File menu click Format. . Choose Column then Width. This will Enter 5 in the Column Width Click the OK button You now have a square grid. This is the basis of the scaffolding. You can save and share this file for future Interactive image files. Andrette Duncan Prince George’s County Public Schools Interactive Picture Maker with Excel 1

GuideInteractive Pictures with MS Excel

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