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D-Day June 7-13, 2010 May Edition Volume 6 D-DAY IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH ―Unit choice‖ has ended. ―Side choice‖ is ending May 15. Pre-registration is ending around June 1. Rules, dead zones and rally points have been finalized. New boats are being built at Omaha. A new Dead zone is going in at Omaha. The buildings at Caen are done. The game is right around the corner. Inside Stars and Stripes: Muddy Water Boys win Texas UWL: Page 2 D-day Schedule: Pages 8-9 Allied TOC information: Page 11 Field Map: Page 12 Unit Cohesiveness: Page 14 Tactics and Movements: Pages 15-18 Tactical Radio Procedures: Pages 20-21 Points chart: Page 22 Larger 2010 Field Map on Page 12 82nd Airborne Equipment List: Pages 24-25 Contact Steve Risken for more information about the electronic version of Stars and Stripes.

Stars and Stripes May Newsletter

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