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June 1, 2008 printed issue 1 h i g h l i g h t s Introduction Professional Learning In the Field Off the Bookshelf A new online professional Identifying and addressing How geologist David Elliot Recommended children’s books development magazine for student misconceptions related to discovered an unknown and ways to incorporate literacy elementary educators polar science dinosaur in Antarctica across your curriculum Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 BEYOND POPULAR CULTURE BEYOND PENGUINS AND POLAR BEARS As evidenced by blockbuster movies and even soft drink commercials, the polar regions and their animals have found a prominent place in popular culture. Yet misconceptions about these regions and their importance abound. Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears is an online professional 1989-90 International Trans-Antarctic Expedition . Image courtesy of Will Steger. development magazine funded by the National Science Foundation for elementary grade level educators. The magazine focuses on polar science concepts that can be used to integrate inquiry-based science with literacy teaching. Launched March 2008, this online Such an integrated approach can increase students' science knowledge, academic magazine designed for elementary language, reading comprehension, and written and oral discourse abilities. educators is available at no cost. Each issue includes standards-based Integration also allows educators to meet curriculum standards and target science and content-rich literacy important literacy skills without sacrificing high-quality instruction. learning across five departments The intersection of mandated science (In the Field: Scientists at Work; testing, the International Polar Year, Professional Learning; Science and and a growing awareness of worldwide Literacy; Across the Curriculum; and climate change makes Beyond Polar News and Notes). Engaging Penguins and Polar Bears a timely science activities, compelling images, rich text, and multimedia and relevant undertaking. This resources such as podcasts and publication highlights materials from videos capture the interest of both the magazine available on the Web at students and teachers. The northern lights over Kulusuk, Greenland. Photo courtesy of Nick Russill. highlights from beyond penguins & polar bears

Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears - June 2008 Highlights

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