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Postal Patron PRSRT STD ECR U.S. POSTAGE PAID MILLERSBURG, OHIO PERMIT NO. 60 FREE Thursday, December 13-19, 2012: Vol. 11, No. 36; • 1-888-323-1662 • Fax 330-264-3756 Holiday season specialties Index Church: Page 5 Community: Page 5 Entertainment: Pages 8-9 Farm: Page 10 Obituaries: Page 23 Sports: Pages 24-25 In addition to a fully stocked deli, Weaver Basic Foods can special order By KELLEY MOHR Staff Writer Just in time for the holiday season, Weaver Basic Foods specializes in bulk foods, holiday gifts and deli meats and cheeses. In the fully stocked deli, Sale Dates Weaver’s has no fewer December 13th-15th than 19 meats and 20 cheeses. Customers can get meats like Trail bologna, Black Storewide Forest ham, Dutch loaf, Cash and Carry hard salami or roast beef and choose from cheeses with names like aged 5977 SR 515 - Millersburg 44654 • Phone: 330-893-7033 Swiss, Colby, hot pepper, 1009936200 lacy Swiss, pepperoni cheese and smoky hot pepper. These items are sourced locally from Walnut Creek Cheese and Schlabach Distributing. “What really sets us apart is that we have a customer base that moves the meat and cheese, that’s why it’s so fresh,” said Weaver Basic Foods manager Marlin Miller. “We Kelley Mohr photo/ nty, arra darW dy,W Ai Aint g g in in ar move it,ar itra stays fresh and He He st st Weaver Basic Foods invites customers to use its old-fashioned grain mill. Customers can take in Be Be ’s ’s America America !tionw ide ide!for the their own berries or use the selection available at the store. nw it’s freshly sliced tio nase na ceth ceall rvi with serviwi customer. We & Seprervice & Servicedon’t slice anything. We never trays, as well as freshly- sandwiches ar right here,” Weaver’s also features items, everyday necessities vicines dear devices g ir pa pair made sandwiches nt he Re Re rre curreinntghe ure cu ur yoMiller. insaid have to throw our meat upon weekly deli specials and and snacks to dairy prodad Trade inTryo urofonyoselected ur items ucts and frozen goods. yo% & aningrequest. and cheese of At whole sales s& % anings Cle 5 50 Cleaway.” toeavailable to p Christmas ptime, u0 ereuhams iv iv ce ce re d d an an also offers small “If customers want to are from the throughout store on As an unusual offering, *The deliAd * ts ts en en tm tm jus Adjus wf a nethe w neof fa ofnotice. e e ic ic pr pr and large deli and fruit come in, weinmake the delise withrc one week everything from bulk se ha ha rc pu pu See our story on pg. 8 al al in ig orig See Pg. 3 — WEAVER Supply of Supply of or s! s! REMINDER 10% - 15% OFF QluPslus rQ arP EaE {{ edUePUP da Tra Tr yeayResaRs 4 F 4ReFe Ree Batteries Batteries de g device inlghe arta arviince gitta digi ofl he set of dise Call NCoawll! Now! Does your hearing feel and sound the way nature intended? 330.674.4327 6 S. Washington Street, Millersburg, OH 44654 10066700 We Listen W,e Listen, you Hear yo . u Hear.

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