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Parish Profile for the Assistant Curate The Training Hub of North East Lincolnshire The United Parish of St Mary and St James Great Grimsby Tel 01472 358610 Grimsby Minster, acknowledged by Bishop Edward King, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, April 1907 “... One of the grandest amongst all the grand churches in our Diocese. There it stands... steady and firm and strong. Year after year, there it is, whatever comes, and there is not only the strength of that building but there is a beauty about it which I think is the true beauty which ought to belong to churches; it is the beauty of holiness.� We are able to offer an exceptional opportunity to an ordinand preparing for deaconing in 2014 in the Training Hub of North East Lincolnshire. The title post will be licensed in The United Parish of St Mary and St James, Great Grimsby. The Area Dean of North East Lincolnshire, Revd Canon Andrew Dodd, is parish priest of Great Grimsby Team Ministry and manages the training hub for the area. Working closely with others, the hub offers ordinands opportunities to share training responsibilities and to gain a wide range of ministerial experiences. Engaging and supporting the local community There are four churches in the parish, St Mark, St Hugh, St Martin and Grimsby Minster. Grimsby Minster is an integral part of the identity of North East Lincolnshire and we are supported by the district churches who all offer distinct and valued contributions to the worship and community life of our area. Grimsby Minster As part of a recent review, Grimsby Minster has identified mission priorities which form our emerging

Grimsby parish profile 2014

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