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THE SEXUAL OFFENCES ACT, 2009 (Act ","of 2009) ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I-:路Preliminary I. Short title and commencement. 2. Interpretation. 3. Rape. 4. Grievous sexual assault. 5. Marital rape. 6. Penalty for rape and grievous sexual assault. PART II-Rape, Grievous Sexual Assault and A1arital Rape PART Ill-Incest 7. Incest. PART IV-Sexual Offences Against Children and Indecent Assault 8. Sexual touching or interference. 9. Sexual grooming ofchild. 10. Sexual intercourse with person under sixteen. II. Householder, etc., inducing or encouraging violation of child under sixteen. 12. Custody of children under sixteen. 13. Indecent assault. 14. Consent of young person to be no defence in indecent assault. 15. Abduction of child under sixteen. PART V-Other OjJences 16. Violation ofperson suffering from mental disorder or physical disability. 17. Forcible abduction. 18. Procuration. 19. Procuring violation of person by threats or fraud or administering drugs.

341_The Sexual Offences Act, 2009

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