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STEP Skills Development and Competitions CONTEST AREA: CONTEST PACKAGE Electronic Poster-Making TIME ALLOTMENT Entrepreneurship and Information and Communications Technology Integration ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Creativity PERCENTAGE 30% PRELIMINARY ACTIVITIES a. Contest registration of trainers and contestants. b. Submission of required documents for the contest. c. e. Ocular inspection of the contest venue (Provision of emergency power supply, installations of software) Briefing of trainers and contestants with the contest administrator before the competition. Inspection and distribution of contest materials. f. Provision of uniform graphic images in all PCs. d. Use of Photo Editing Tools Third Year Level Number of Participants: 1 PROCEDURE/SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS 2 hours ho rs DESCRIPTION YEAR LEVEL: 25% RESOURCES T O Contestant/s Organizer/s a. Photo Editing Software (Adobe Photoshop) T O O L S T DURING Graphic images and editing tools are essential in enhancing and developing pictures in variety of applications and designs. Harminy and Balance 15% a. b. c. Relevance to the Theme 10% d. e. ILLUSTRATION Oral Presentation Briefing of trainers and contestant with the contest administrator (10 minutes). Final instruction of trainers with their contestants (5 minutes). Issues/concerns raised while the contest is in progress shall not be entertained. Emphasize that only the images provided by the contest administrator shall be used. Importation of objects from the Internet and other storage media is prohibited. Printing of output shall not be counted within time allotment. EMPLOYABILITY OR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY USE Speed TOTAL a. b. Outputs shall be evaluated by special set of judges. All outputs shall be endorsed to the Secretariat by the Contest Administrator Administrator. c. All endorsed outputs shall be displayed until the duration of the skills competition. d. Presentation should not exceed 5 minutes. 10% 100% ATTACHMENT(S) Commercial servicing Analytic Scoring Rubrics/ Percentage Table FORM OF JUDGING Special Judges NOTES a. b. With regard to the provision of resources, the division and regional organizers may opt to deviate. Coaches are not allowed to stay in the contest area while the contest is in progress. a. b. c. d. complete set of PCs colored printer multimedia projector CD/DVD writer a. blank CD (optional) b. graphic images in jpg format 10% AFTER Graphic Designer/editor, Tarpaulin Lay-out, Web Designer, Logo Maker E Q U I P M E N T M A T E R I A L S


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