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The image of the divided city through maps: the territory without territory Luigi Farrauto – Paolo Ciuccarelli Politecnico di Milano Indaco Department (Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion) *** Abstract Throughout the centuries cities have been constantly changing, together with their image, their imageability, therefore their graphic representation is being constantly adapted to those changes too. The evolution of digital technologies enables now new forms of visualizing the city: from the geo-referenced representations of data to dynamic cartographies, that describe cities displaying in real-time flows of data, information, things and people. The tools that once allowed the cartographer to make maps have radically changed: the empirical analysis of the environment has been transformed into a true work of digitalization, in a data flow, led by the evolutions of technologies and tools, such as gps and gis; inks and prints on traditional media are now visual representations obtained through computers and softwares. Cities can be represented on a three-levels model. The level of the territory, which can nowadays be described in detail; then the layer of activities, which shows the city through the analysis, the elaboration and the visual representation of data; and the level of sense, in which the subject is no longer external to the map: it is the centre of the visualization, the main point of view. In particular, the first level of territory becomes a political problem once the represented city is divided, segmented. For the sake of visualizing the divided city through maps, the dimension of the territory can be overtaken. Showing a city without its territory can lead to a different focus: the meaning of a place in the construction of identity, the values shared by the population, its habits, its everyday life. Mapping a divided city to obtain a ‘different’ visualization can be a way to deal with its complexity, with its layers of sense, generating a new idea of the territory.

The image of the divided city through maps: the territory without territory

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