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Extant Conversations This project was initiated during Summer Intensive residency in August 2010. The objective of this project is to extend a conversation beyond the actual moment of encounter and open up its transformative potential. It is an ongoing virtual installation, a living archive where knowledge is represented as a malleable network, offering numerous possibilities for analysis, interpretation, and fiction. The participants are invited for an interview, which is transcribed into an online network of interconnected terms in real time, creating a diagrammatic portrait of the conversation. The guiding principle of the interview is the network’s connectivity. Instead of trying to “represent” something or someone, the conversation flows along the lines of “yes, and...” following intuitive threads rather than logical pathways. “Conversation is a trace of becoming. [...] a polygone, a shape with multiple sides, which breaks the circle” [1]. An interconnected rhizomatic structure, which opens up to multiple propositions. Proposition 1: A Living Archive The original conversations form part of a larger online network [2], which can be accessed, modified, and transformed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. This way, the original protagonists can always come back to the conversation, reflect on it, extend a certain topic, and elaborate further on a certain subject. This also means that the conversation is open to the others who can join in, read, and build on to the network. As the new nodes are added to the network, all the ones who’s been involved in the conversation receive a notification. This way, the participants do not only keep track of a certain topic, but also constantly expand their knowledge in a collaborative way. In this way, the process is similar to “sustained conversations” of Hans Ulrich Obrist: “the interviews recorded over a period of time, perhaps over the course of many years” [3]. However, here everyone can join in and take part in the conversation, which is not limited to the original participants. See a demo on or try it live on

Extant Conversations

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