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Decatur Jaycees The Decatur Jaycees were chartered in August 1946 with 110 members, all men. Over the years, the Jaycees have operated under the motto of “Leadership Training Through Community Development.” An integral part of our operation has long been the principle of raising money through various projects and putting that money back into our community. Though our organization focuses mainly on supporting local charities, if you look back to our roots you’ll see signs of the Decatur Jaycees’ accomplishments all over the city of Decatur. •1956 - The Jaycees were •Sponsoring youth football •Partner with Habitat for instrumental in the and baseball teams Humanity •Purchasing shoes for needy •Easter party for Families children and Children Experiencing construction of Ogle Stadium and raised money to build the East stands by selling 5-year season tickets. •1963 - Decatur Jaycees pledged $15,000 to help construct the Chamber of Commerce building. Separation and volunteer •Sponsoring School Safety Patrols in all Decatur schools •Morgan County Fair •1971 - A Jaycee pledge of •Annual golf tournament and $10,000 was made to build the haunted house Decatur Public Library (Wheeler Basin Library). •Christmas Tree Sale with support for FACES functions •Cajunfest •Annual Wet Dog Triathlon to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters •Rock the Vote (planned for August 2010) proceeds designated to •1975 - With the help of a provide baskets of food and $5,000 pledge from the toys for needy families at Jaycees, the Salvation Army Christmas building was built on 14th St. •Riverfest •Decatur Christmas Parade


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